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Where Snowflakes Are Born

Where Snowflakes Are Born

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Коментари {71}

Chad 8 децембар 2008
I'm not tenacious enough to try something like this. I like it !!

Trang 8 децембар 2008
Such a wonderful wallpaper... Thanks, and MERRY CHRISTMAS!

mihaid 8 децембар 2008
Very nice! Thanks.

Syl 8 децембар 2008
How adorable!! Thank you for all the wallpapers

ChristineA 8 децембар 2008
Ohh! I love it! Thank you so much for sharing these clever, beautiful wallpapers with us!

lovelovelove 9 децембар 2008
Niiice!!! =)

tamalita 9 децембар 2008
fantastic :) thank you!

Karla 9 децембар 2008
Me encanta tus creaciones, muchas gracias... Y felices fiestas.... :o)

Ellen 9 децембар 2008
oooooh, I really love this!!!!

Keilan 9 децембар 2008
It's beautiful! So elegant!

Juan José 9 децембар 2008
It`s so inspire, the tree remainds me Thelperion, the white tree in Valinor. That`s what i see in my mind, when i reed the Sirmarillion...thank you to bring up the idea to an image.

JHS 11 децембар 2008
Aron Bury: Just use a night shot of a robust campfire and have the embers and stars mingling. Just an idea, do not live in Australia but have visited twice (hopefully will return many more). Good wallpaper, as usual Vlad :) :)

Vlad Gerasimov 11 децембар 2008
Aron Bury: ehh, it is so cold now in Siberia, I cannot even imagine how Christmas could be without snow!

gaurav 11 децембар 2008
You Work rocks. First come to know about you from smashing magazine people.

Life Seeker 11 децембар 2008
Siberian Khatru

Andy 12 децембар 2008
Looks like that tree from fruit pastilles :)

dims 12 децембар 2008
the underlying snow texture is reproduced just amazingly

janedoe.hu 13 децембар 2008
you're genious as always - thank you so much Vlad, this is wonderful and i love it. Merry Christmas to you!

Logoman 15 децембар 2008
Poetic as always ... This will be my wallpaper until christmas ! Thank you Vlad ! You're the best !!!

Saffron 16 децембар 2008

Casper Voortman 17 децембар 2008
It has a kind of Tolkien christmas feeling to it. Loving the detail.

Thank you~ 19 децембар 2008
감사합니다. 잘 쓸께요. ^^

shavee 26 децембар 2008
wooooow...realy very very nice...i lov it

Sergio 29 децембар 2008
Where the snowflakes are born ? Obviously on the snowflakes-tree. You're a genious, little boy. Merry Christmas (a little late, I know...) and a great new year to you Vlad.

coni 21 октобар 2009
You're very talented...your work inspires!

Надежда 5 новембар 2009
Спасибо за Ваши работы!Смотрю всегда и радуюсь)

positive thinking 8 децембар 2009
good!! very nice ~

vipin 27 децембар 2009

sandy 15 април 2010
very nice

Sen mikage 1 децембар 2010

John 22 децембар 2010
Can't download anything....? Have to pay for this??? No way.

11 јануар 2011

Deborah 30 новембар 2011
This is so beautiful, very soothing. Thank you.

Umair gh 18 децембар 2011
very nice yar looking so beautiful pc...

정민영 4 јануар 2012

Frances Brown 19 децембар 2012
Thank you. This is lovely and light.

vivek 11 децембар 2013

Kaaru 8 децембар 2008
That's so cute. You're a poet, Vlad. That's why I like your walls.

Alejandra 8 децембар 2008

Anastasia 8 децембар 2008
Merry Christmas, Vlad

Aron Bury 8 децембар 2008
Very Nice Christmas themed Background... You should make a Christmas themed Desktop Bacgkround for us Aussies that dont know what snow is :P Would be interesting to see what you would come up with.

Ludmila 9 децембар 2008
I was waiting for it.

Susan A 9 децембар 2008
Sweet, very sweet!

VladFan 9 децембар 2008
I love you curvy lines - they are so pretty and abstract! :-) You make wallpapers very much inspired by the holiday and your mood - you are a REAL artist! :-D

Nell 9 децембар 2008
Ooooh...! Fantastic!

Andrew Chamberlain 9 децембар 2008
Absolutely incredible artwork! I would love to have half the talent you have for creating such images. This is adorning my desktop over christmas. Thankyou!!!

Trevor 10 децембар 2008
This is a great desktop for December!!!

George Mariot 10 децембар 2008
So nice and beautiful like the snowflakes birth place must be !! Bravo! You are a poet Vlad.

Katherine A 11 децембар 2008
I LOVE it!!! This is so intricate and beautiful. I like the one little branch that is crossing over the trunk. So lovely! Thank you, and Merry Christmas! :)

anti-regurgitación 11 децембар 2008
Usted me alegra el día... mil gracias desde Sevilla...

qubra 11 децембар 2008
its very sweet :) thnx

john 12 децембар 2008
fascinante vlad!

peter 13 децембар 2008
another incredible work :-) and merry xmas to u and your familiy ! cheerz peter

Liz 14 децембар 2008
Beautiful. : )

qubra 16 децембар 2008
its so relaxing backround :)

Cec Medina 16 децембар 2008
All your w'papers are just divine. What a great artist! Only a bit upset of those on Xmas and snow. Down Under (Australia) Xmas is always hottie, middle of summer, beer, bbq's and flyies!!!. Please, try next time to do something for those people without snow in Xmas...??? Merry Xmas...!!!

Linda! 19 децембар 2008
I love that tree!

Alexander Smakman 23 децембар 2008
One word: wow!

Mariya K-W 27 децембар 2008
This is absolutely beautiful. It is one of those works that stand out from the rest. Simple and elegant. Amazing. Merry Christmas, Vlad :)

ananth 9 јануар 2009
its cool..

Jenny-Chan 23 јануар 2009
So beautiful! And the title is so cute! Awesome! ^^

Hendik 4 децембар 2009
is very good , merry christmas

kamran 9 децембар 2009
nice work dude

Crystal Arcand (3Stairs) 30 јануар 2010
Absolutely lovely. This is one of my favorites.

Kasca 6 јун 2010

lara 11 децембар 2010

queen of hearts 31 децембар 2010
so sweet and very nice like u i wish u a good year full of love and hugs annd gooooood mamories happy new year 2 all !!!! have fun

olivia 3 новембар 2011

arulanand 9 децембар 2011
amazing and beautiful i like ii

Evelyn 4 јануар 2012
This pic is so lovely I wish I could visit that tree

Goutam 4 јануар 2013
oh man!!! the wallpapers are really awesome....! need more...??!

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