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The Traveling Christmas Tree

The Traveling Christmas Tree

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Коментари {28}

Nicola Zaghen 15 новембар 2010
looks great! it just became my wallpaper :D

MathewM 15 новембар 2010
Cute! I like it! Always a big fan of your snowy designs. :)

dims 16 новембар 2010
Simple, funny, creative, positive = great! :))

Ray 16 новембар 2010
Great work, Vlad. I'm really really looking forward to seeing more xmas wallpapers and with great colours like last year's walls :)

michal 17 новембар 2010
funny funny, i like it! in december it will be my walpaper :)

Eliot 5 децембар 2010
Amazing, this is definetly my new wallpaper, great work Vlad!

sanchas 8 децембар 2010

TALK 14 децембар 2010

m, 19 децембар 2010

22 децембар 2010
q bonito....

m7mad1 1 јануар 2011

dryu 10 јануар 2011

29 март 2011

Amit 27 децембар 2011

deliaperes@tin.it 23 децембар 2013

mohammad 15 новембар 2010
i dont like it, it seems ornery wallpaper, you are big artist , i expect you more and more...

Kelcey 15 новембар 2010
Love it, Love it, Love it!!! Your art continually brings so much joy Vlad, thankyou:)

Michaela 16 новембар 2010
I was thinking...I know that Thanksgiving is an American holiday, but I would really love some wallpapers with a harvest theme, and then a solstice theme a little later in the season.

Vlad Gerasimov 16 новембар 2010
Ray: I'll do my best! I feel a bit guilty because I lack time so terribly. But I'll try!

Michael S Lewis 4 децембар 2010
Thank You Vlad ! you have always done good work, nobody has the right to expect anything from you ! Your the artist , you allow us to share in your work .......

FLORIDA GATORS 11 децембар 2010
I love it! Great job, hope to see more from you!

nicole 16 децембар 2010

Puppetmaster87  21 децембар 2010
Awesome pic Vlad!

marley holmes 25 децембар 2010
That is funny I like it its becoming my wallpaper great art work.

o bu şu vs. 16 јануар 2011

damla 25 март 2011
resmi bilgisayarıma göre yapamadım!!!

taniya 13 јануар 2012
its so cute

ran 19 септембар 2013

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