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Symbols (Color 2)

Symbols (Color 2)

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Коментари {12}

tejwinder 1 мај 2012
great :))

Raya Bergin 1 мај 2012
I really like this one, Vlad. Thank you! :)

Angstrom 2 мај 2012
This one is cool !!

Oleg 12 јун 2012
Great job, Vlad! I wish your inspiration will never leave you! :)

Lolo 27 јул 2012

Roman Stastny 26 мај 2015
Dear Vlad, missing square wallpapers for QHD and UHD(4K) devices screen rotation: 2560×2560 and 3840×3840. (the device with QHD wallpaper of 2560×1440 points cannot be trully rotated without resizing or distortion)

Alilera 1 мај 2012
Awesome as always,still waiting for Islamic pic

kati 1 мај 2012
wow! simply amazing :)

Nick Holden 2 мај 2012
Great work! Very detailed! Keep it up!

Paola 18 мај 2012
Excellent work. I love your art!

Satar chaki 20 јун 2012

Linda Beugelsdijk 1 август 2012
Got this as a background for whatsapp on my phone! I have your artwork everywhere. Computers, tablet, phone and hopefully soon I will have one of decalgirls skins with your library on it! I love your style (most of the time, you can't love it all).

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