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Rock Show

Rock Show

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Коментари {20}

Callum Macdonald 27 јул 2010
Nice, thanks vlad

Иван. С 28 јул 2010
Спасибо, отлично

luca pasquadibisceglie 28 јул 2010
great 5 chords bass position, great left hand on the guitar (and the hair reminds me about queens' brian may).. but I miss the singer :-)

MathewM 29 јул 2010
Rockin wallpaper! Pun slightly intended...

29 јул 2010
Got a version with a DJ and an MC? Peace.

shalooool 30 јул 2010
hey vlad! do u use draw pads?? by the way love ur work ;)

Tanja 21 август 2010

Bruce Lee Mani 29 август 2010
Hey Vlad. Thanks! This is so great. Wish we could have had you on the web project...

Zeeshan 13 новембар 2010
thats a nice w/p

10 децембар 2010
very cool

Andy Stoica 27 јул 2010
Nice one! Went straight on my desktops! Vlad, parenthood is the most amazing an rewarding experience you will ever have. I can't wait to see what inspiration your little angel will bring.

Martin Stružský 28 јул 2010
Great job Vlad, as a big music fan and a musician myself, I really like your wallpapers with this theme… Thanks! :-)

Aziel 28 јул 2010
Lights seems like faces... Very well !

Krishna 29 јул 2010
The next RockBand or GuitarHero should buy this wallpaper! ;)

WILD CHILD JIN 7 август 2010
Excellent wallpaper! Now if can only be made into a wallpaper clock.

Hassan 15 август 2010
All pictures are beautiful, as well as this.

hc 14 септембар 2010
un peu nul

negin 21 октобар 2010
Dont Worry ,Be Happy

No name 13 новембар 2010
lovely :)

WILD CHILD JIN 3 јануар 2011
Very nice work! Now if you could only make it into a wallpaper clock.

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