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The Merry Snowman

The Merry Snowman

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Коментари {22}

Kelcey 19 новембар 2010
Lol, so cute, love your imagination:)

Vlad Gerasimov 19 новембар 2010
Ray: thanks, wallpapers clocks will be ready in several hours. I made the edges so noisy and high-contrast with intention - this wall is not for work, it's for fun!

Vida Hernaus 20 новембар 2010
yay, great! another one for my inner child :)

Tusnelda 20 новембар 2010
Absolutely love him! Thanks, Vlad! :)

mohammad 22 новембар 2010
خيلي قشنگ or very nice !

raj 22 новембар 2010
very nice dear

KYO 23 новембар 2010
Мне очень нравится. Но хотелось бы версию без рамки. Потому что иконки над ней — вырвиглаз. http://i115.photobucket.com/albums/n301/Noboru_Wataya/Thrash/wall.jpg

alexa 12 децембар 2010
super le ador

4 фебруар 2011
is very nice

sujata 6 јул 2011
it's very sweet

JINI 22 децембар 2011

Vincent 16 април 2012
I like the plain one better, but both are nice. BTW, the ornaments made your signature barely visible. :D

Ray 19 новембар 2010
Oh myyy :)) SO CUTE! Please continue with MORE AND MORE AND MORE :))) X-mas is coming!!! Please make this into a wallpaper CLOCK, those are the best during x-mas!! The kittie too :) Come on people request a clock from this and all the x-mas walls :) Edit: I spoke prematurely on that - the taskbar is REALLY unreadable (at least in 1920x1200), can you please lower the opacity of those things blocking it out to something very little like 25-30%?

Ray 20 новембар 2010
Ok, sorry for the suggestion then :) Though it will look awesome (as my gf suggested) with the bottom clear for wall :) Anyway, last year's Christmas lights clock was sooo cool I save it for 24 and 25 e.g. it's the best wallpaper I use for xmas :) I love it! Something as colourful as that or maybe a little composition with children playing and making snowmans and a xmas tree in the middle with snow falling will be a great wall :) I'm just crazy about xmas so excuse my excitement :)

Ashwin Narasimhan 23 новембар 2010
This is a really nice wallpaper.

Christine BELVAUX 24 новембар 2010
Thank you for your imagination.

TheShadow 26 новембар 2010
Very nice wallpaper.

Luca Rossi 15 децембар 2010
questa immagine è molto suggestiva e la prospettiva è perfetta

norma 24 јул 2011
muy lindos

2 децембар 2011

V. M. 26 децембар 2012
great pic!

ran 19 септембар 2013

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