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Three Moons Cast Shadows on Jupiter

Three Moons Cast Shadows on Jupiter

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Коментари {20}

Ziani 2 јул 2012
Awesome, thanks :)

Caro 3 јул 2012
Oh, is very beautiful. Thanks a lot!!!!!!!!!!

fengshaun 3 јул 2012
very stunning, thank you! but could you possibly also release a 720x1280 version for the new mobile phones with 720p screen resolutions (e.g. galaxy nexus)? thanks a lot for your awesome work!

fengshaun 6 јул 2012
Vlad - Thanks a lot for your quick response! :D

kat 24 јул 2012
hi vlad! its so very beautiful..thanks for making my day again :)

Hauschild 17 август 2012
noce artwork, but i can't load it on 1440*1280. is there a known issue?

Cheap Ugg Boots 15 новембар 2012
you are right,I agree with you. Cheap Ugg Boots

Pavel Verba 13 октобар 2013
Inspiring in it's pointillistic beauty.

sweet eiman 13 септембар 2014
nice and colourful picture awsum loved it

polo 2 јул 2012
really nice job!

Barbra Ignatiev 2 јул 2012
Ooo I love all the colors in this one and the painterly qualities. Also the nerdiness of the subject matter haha.

Dejan Josimov 3 јул 2012
Thank you very much for this colourful dots.

Vlad Gerasimov 4 јул 2012
fengshaun - for Nexus, you need 1440x1280 image, which I have.

Chase Coburn 25 јул 2012

Bea 25 јул 2012
I love it! thanks!

Vlad Gerasimov 17 август 2012
Hauschild - 1440*1280 loaded fine for me. Hm!

google.com 27 новембар 2012
Nice work

Orlay 2 јул 2014
Good Job....!!!!

syed sultan sabir 14 октобар 2014
Wonderful wallpapers collection. Thank you.

Kal Mondal 29 децембар 2016
Looks cool, can't wait to test it out.

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