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Inside The Icicle

Inside The Icicle

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Коментари {33}

Im :-) 3 децембар 2010
love it...what great xmas wallpapers this year!

Vlad Gerasimov 3 децембар 2010
Carl: you're welcome to print it and use as wrapping paper!

Vida Hernaus 3 децембар 2010
great! totally appropriate for right now :D

Иван 4 децембар 2010
Греат! Вандерфул! Эмэзинг бьютифул!!!

Some dude on your website 4 децембар 2010
guys its an icicle its supposed to be blue.

Vlad Gerasimov 4 децембар 2010
Иван: фенькс :-)

Some dude on your website 5 децембар 2010
Um... is he speaking gibberish or....?

charlie 5 децембар 2010
its like you wake up early on Christmas and find your granny dead cause your wrapping paper gave her a seizure.

AMPIT 5 децембар 2010

Krishna 6 децембар 2010
Je l'aime beaucoup Vlad !

MORE WALLS SOON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 9 децембар 2010
great wallpapers but I wish you made them more often

RapTor 10 децембар 2010
Waiting for new wallpapers...

how do you even type russian? 10 децембар 2010
:( :( im so confussed

RapTor 10 децембар 2010
Хотелось бы ещё чего-нибудь нового, празднечного до Нового года...

atya 25 децембар 2010
I like it.

Jaideep Nadkarni 12 јануар 2011
Fresh idea. Complex, crisp, elegant masterpiece!

hafez 8 октобар 2011
you now it is very cool

dacotta 17 септембар 2012
me gusta mucho porque son originales y bonitos

jhonathan 10 децембар 2014
very good

Carl W. 3 децембар 2010
It would make a nice wrapping paper design but I think it's a little too busy for a desktop wallpaper.

birol yilmaz 3 децембар 2010
you love it blue, Vlad... so the Ice works must be one of your favourites. thanks for another nice job...

Elizabeth L. 4 децембар 2010
I love the new wallpaper! It would look amazing (and very holiday-ish) if you could make red and green versions too. :) You're a fantastic artist, I'm so happy I have a lifetime membership AND your new illustrated children's book!

Evan M. 4 децембар 2010
Nice! Truth be told, it would in fact also make a rather nice wrapping paper. :)

charlie 5 децембар 2010
personally I wouldn't want my presents wrapped in this. For a wallpaper it works, but.... much too crazy for wrapping paper.

Some dude on your website 5 децембар 2010
Possibly Russian? I don't speak Russian... J'ai n'a pas comprend le russian

Tusnelda 7 децембар 2010
Beautiful, Vlad, Thank You!!!!!!!!!!

mohammad 9 децембар 2010
very nice :-*

RapTor 10 децембар 2010
Необычно, спасибо, прикольно....

RapTor 10 децембар 2010
What means 'confussed' I haven't find the translation

I think you have to hit all the keys at the same time. 12 децембар 2010
Here is the Google translation of your request: Он пишет "confussed", но он имел в виду путать Anyway, I love this wallpaper: It's simple, abstract, and blue!

alexxxxx 5 фебруар 2011

A Someone in the world 27 април 2011
This is too busy! Okay, let me repeat that. TOO BUSY FOR WALLPAPER, VLAD!!! >: {

Donald Walutes 25 децембар 2012
I simply love this it looks so awesome my son and I are just amazed at how cool it is!

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