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Коментари {40}

Franck Alcidi 3 децембар 2008
As a muso this really appeals to me!!!... Beautiful work and wonderful imagination as usual Vlad!

marcus 3 децембар 2008
Great work as always, Vlad! I like the one bird with the special tail...:) Grtz from Ostend,Belgium

Tatjana 4 децембар 2008
unbelievably nice....

Jaideep Nadkarni 4 децембар 2008
Neat & Nice

Lisa Cunningham 4 децембар 2008
Oh lovely!

Mark Allshouse 4 децембар 2008

Pascal Zumaque 5 децембар 2008
Hmm... Not so dope. I like your more creative/abstract stuff.

Dave 5 децембар 2008
Freaking cool...

Katherine Appleby 5 децембар 2008
You're so right! Notes on a musical score! :)

Jan Blazicek 5 децембар 2008
You my friend are ridiculously imaginative. This one is sort of too colorful to put on my desktop, but it really makes one smile in these fast times when surrounded by technology and industry on every step with no time to have a look around and search for beauty in such common things. Thanks.

Jan Blazicek 5 децембар 2008
Sorry for multiple posts, but I have to second the wood texture guide request. It really looks very convincing on most of the poles.

qubra 6 децембар 2008
amazing... :) thank you vlad ;)

Michael Krajnak 6 децембар 2008
Songbird... CUTE!

Quinn 9 децембар 2008
WOW! This wallpaper is AMAZING!

dims 12 децембар 2008
a Christmas wallpaper for southern hemisphere :)

peter 13 децембар 2008
opus magnum :-)

Jewels 8 јануар 2009

10 јануар 2009
My new wallpaper! Bring smile on my face every time I look at it! Thank you! Kiss from Marija (Serbia)

tsarmina 13 јануар 2009
i do like this one vlad, but i find your more abstract and unique ones much more appealing. you see animated birds on wires all over the place. i am fond of the wood on the poles though.

Lady GaGa 26 октобар 2009

Adtya 31 мај 2010
Funny!!!! :)

Andreas L. Madsen 3 децембар 2008
haha, very inventive =D

Jose Daniel 3 децембар 2008
Really clever, and great wallpaper! thank you Vlad... By the way, amazing wood texture... how did you make it?

Bugbear5 3 децембар 2008
Song Bird! I like that idea.

Suzana 4 децембар 2008
I liked this, it is adorable and humorous.

pfennig59 4 децембар 2008
very cute

Andrea Knaus 4 децембар 2008
Really beautiful. Thank you so much.

Pete 5 децембар 2008
Adding a fifth line would make it even more musical...

Doug Cohen 5 децембар 2008
This wallpaper connected with me. During this time of year I always notice groups of birds sitting together on a wire like a jury over the roads while I drive to work. It makes me wonder how they chose that spot and what's going through their minds. I always think I should stop and take a picture. Do you happen to have another version of this wallpaper with a group of birds just sitting on a wire too? Great work. BTW, I have the vladstudio companion running on my media center over the fireplace - looks like a giant picture frame...people always complementing your pictures, i send them to your website.

qubra 6 децембар 2008
amazing... :) thanks..

AMPIT 6 децембар 2008
Thanks again. So simple, so good for this time of the year. Vdery nice

derya 9 децембар 2008
very funny

VladFan 9 децембар 2008
Very Clever, as always! :-D I enjoy these type of bright and creative wallpapers from you, Vlad! Make some more! :-)

Andrea Traversa 13 децембар 2008

Carole 31 децембар 2008
This made me smile.

M 13 јануар 2009
One of the cutest wallpapers! And of course, with Vlad's familiar touch of ingenious humor. Lovely, lovely. A great THANK YOU!!

orico 13 јануар 2009
cool, vlad. i love the bird in the middle(great wood texture by the way).

MARIA AURELIA -ITALY 5 фебруар 2009

ioio9998 7 фебруар 2009
Great work as always

Adina 9 септембар 2012
Yes, and they´ve already put images like that to music: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LoM4ZZJ2UrM :)

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