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Atlantis Docking To The ISS

Atlantis Docking To The ISS

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Коментари {23}

Matt Bentley 27 мај 2010
Wonderful rendition! 25 years old and over 120 million miles traveled, its certainly the end of an era for that craft!

olearymo 27 мај 2010
awesome!! I just know there'll be a version with just the sun... Right? ;)

Joe MacDonald 27 мај 2010
Wow, just awesome, Vlad! I seriously thought this was a photograph at first glance but all of the little details you put in would be absent from a photo but enhance the whole without detracting from the majesty of the moment.

Rakesh 29 мај 2010
Awesome!! as usual Vlad

raoof 30 мај 2010
veryyyyyyyyyyyyyy goooooooooooooooooooooooooooood

Aris 3 јун 2010
Well Done Vlad! As always great work...

Sam Yarborough 5 јун 2010
This is your best yet! Fantastic!!!

johnsarq 13 јун 2010
I still long vlad work, I just want to say that the way you work is excellent, most of your accomplishments are very good.

кода 15 јун 2010
Я из Украины) Обожаю Ваше творчество))

Viet Nguyen 2 октобар 2010
Love this wall much :x

bebo 28 децембар 2013
how can i make it wallpaper?

David 27 мај 2010
Simple yet great.

Matthew Long 27 мај 2010
Great work. Looks amazing

Martin Stružský 27 мај 2010
Great job, great natural wonder (take a look at videos at the link in this wallpaper's description), and last, but not least, great new logo Vlad. :-)

Péter Bosze 28 мај 2010
it's an instant classic from you. and of course an instant wallpaper. thanks.

chaitanya 28 мај 2010

Adam 30 мај 2010
Looks good, Vlad.

Lucy 2 јун 2010
Love all your work, Vlad! Super, super cool, unlike anything else on the net. I change my wallpaper every day according to my mood! :)

kola 6 јун 2010
looks amazing

Jaideep Nadkarni 7 јун 2010
Beautiful... except the sun could have been slightly brighter to look more like the sun. Bit dull here. I like this one better than one without Atlantis.

Valentina 19 јун 2010
Exellent I love it

otsen7 5 август 2010
great (as always)

this picture from photo make?! 22 октобар 2014
realistic hybrid synthesis with animation

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