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Коментари {35}

LukeSkyWalker 12 април 2009
Ich find genial. Gefällt mir. Du machst das ganz toll. Danke.

Arthur Pustynin 12 април 2009
Влад, это мое чисто субъективное мнение, но мне кажется, что вам нужно найти какое-то новое направление и выполнить в нем серию работ. Потому что доминирующие у вас пейзажи\животные\небо(космос)\чудные существа начинают приедаться. Картинка все равно красивая)

Martin Trojan 12 април 2009
Alex! Very celever ;) Verunka! very good and understandable reflection :) Vlad, looking fwd. for something cute (since its Vladstudio) and spiritual too.

Justin Murray 12 април 2009
ive been following you for a long time vlad, and i must say this has automatically earned a spot in my top 5 from you. amazing job on this one.

Gianpaolo Zuliani 12 април 2009
Great! Tanks, Vlad! Happy Easter from Italy!

Robert Marton 12 април 2009
Hey Vlad! Cool wallpaper :) AGAIN!!! :D Already on my desktop ;) Again :D BTW, this gave me an ideea... How about a wallpaper about Exupéry's Little Prince? :) ( All these fans with their ideas, right? :P ) Great stuff, man, keep it up! :)

Arthur Tan 13 април 2009
I love this one!

Andreas L. Madsen 13 април 2009
Robert Marton: What a brilliant idea for a wallpaper. The story and the pics in the novel is somewhat the same style as almost everything Vlad do

Vlad Gerasimov 13 април 2009
Thanks for your comments! Honestly, I have been thinking about illustrating Little Prince for quite long time now. But I feel I need more years to become experienced enough, to do my very best. Please be patient :-) Thanks!

Arthur Pustynin 13 април 2009
Ну а куда мы денемся)

Terri GottFree 14 април 2009
I love this wallpaper, would love to see one with a moose.....thanks for all the hard work you put into these....

Robert Marton 14 април 2009
Andreas L. Madsen: I see that we are not alone with this Little Prince feel of this wallpaper :) Vlad: you take your time, my friend, and surprise us one day ;)

Mariya K-W 18 април 2009
Hey Vlad, There are NO coincidences, hehe, there is a higher reason for everything. Just a note to say - Love All Your Work! And this particular one - LOVE THE LITTLE GREEN THINGS!!! :) :) :)

Barbara Kurzawska 28 април 2009
It's amazing. I love Astronomy & Physics. When I was a kid I was dreaming about being astronaut. So this wallpaper is perfect for me. Thank you, Vlad, for this gorgeous work. P.S. He also reminds me Little Prince on his tiny planet :)

Happyface 20 мај 2009
Cool!How in the world,or,out of this world did you that?That is so cool!Again,this is "out of this world"!!!********* *P.S.-You like what I did there?Huh?Huh?Huh?* *O.K. I'll Stop.*******:) BD :D :P TT ( '_' )

Kashif 12 април 2009
Beautiful !!!!!!!!

Verunka 12 април 2009
Hi Vlad, maybe this sounds stupid - but really Easter is the only holiday you DON'T care about? I'm not fond of all those eggs and rabbits and stuff either, but I hoped you'd find a way to something biiger or maybe funnier... This wall is cute, for sure, but still I'm a bit disappointed and hope for your answer...well, feel free. It's just Easter is what I care about the most...I understand not everyone does. Anyway, have a blessed Easter.

Alex 12 април 2009
Verunka, maybe there will be an Easter wallpaper since the Orthodox Easter is next week :)!

Coyote 12 април 2009
I love this wallpaper! Thanks, Vlad! :)

Yuriy 12 април 2009
А мне не начинают приедаться :), Артур, сходите в раздел Wooden Houses, там как раз "новое направление"

Vlad Gerasimov 12 април 2009
Verunka: sorry if I offended you, I really did not mean to. I'm not against Easter of something like that, I was just inspired by Space day more. Arthur: ну вот, а я только собрался еще про космос порисовать :-) Thanks!

Arnold Schwarzenigger 13 април 2009
Ja,sehr gut

Verunka 13 април 2009
Not offended at all, Vlad. Just felt sad a little, but that doesn't really matter :-)

Leti 13 април 2009
I love this one too :) :) :)

13 април 2009
This reminded me of Little Prince (in high-tech version). Nice. But I believe that if Vlad were to create one classical one with Little Prince it would be even greater!

Mindy Johnston 13 април 2009
so cute!!!

Tusnelda 14 април 2009
Well, I just love this wallpaper, Easter or not. Looks just like Yuri! ;-) Thanks Vlad!

AMPIT 15 април 2009
Excelent!! you again. Thanks

Andrea 16 април 2009
Wooow! this is one of the greatest walls! I love it! Vlad your amazing :)

Mariya K-W 18 април 2009
Oh, no! This is The Little Prince! WoW! Didn't get it straight away.. Once again I say - lucky are the people who share their life with someone as special as you. You see THINGS. You see the IMPORTANT THINGS. Best wishes and eternal happiness to you all. :) :) :)

Brad Unger 23 април 2009
This is your best yet. I love your wallpapers, but I've noticed that most of the character wallpapers are geared towards females, because they have hearts, ladybugs, pixies or cute little animals. This one is great for males. Anything with astronauts, superheroes, cars, sports, etc would be much appreciated.

4 септембар 2009
i love it

4 септембар 2009
i love it

Carol 19 октобар 2009
Please, I would like to see Easter wallpaper. ( rabbits, chicks, etc. ) Your wallpaper is truly unique.

Mariya K-W 1 децембар 2009
You know there is no such thing as a coincidence..

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