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14 Owls

14 Owls

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Коментари {10}

Heidi 15 август 2017
You can do no wrong with owls. ♥ I love the upside down one; adorable little detail. So glad you're back!

Bert 15 август 2017
Vlad, very happy you're back. I've been enjoying your backgrounds on a daily rotation for years, so it's nice to have a new one to add to my collection. Best always!

roby 16 август 2017
I love this one! owls are my favorite.

KSH 18 август 2017
Welcome back, Vlad.

Danielle Greer 1 септембар 2017
So happy to see new wallpapers! I love owls. Thank you

Kelcey 15 август 2017
You've still got the skills Vlad! I too am really thrilled you're back:)

Oziel 15 август 2017
I love what you do and wish all the best! I've missed you, Vlad.

Sophie 16 август 2017
Lovely to see another addition to my desktop backgrounds, and to see you’re back! I’ll be counting the glowing buds…

Victor 17 август 2017
Thank you for coming back! Greetings from Brazil

Ozzie Scribbler 30 август 2017
Awww, I always wished for a purple vladstudio wallpaper with owls. This is a great comeback gift from you :D Any chance for a penguin and/or chicken wallpaper somewhere down the line?

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