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New Zealand, I'm back!

{30 март 2009}

I'm back home and just published some of my photos in wallpaper format. It's good to be home but I want to come to NZ again :-)
For full list of NZ wallpapers, please go to https://www.vladstudio.com/wallpapers/?kw=newzealand

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Marina 30 март 2009
The pics are beautiful! I wish I could visit and make some pics in NZ as well ;)

Daniel 31 март 2009
Stunning pictures - did you make it through Timaru (I see you visited places around it)? I was born there and would love to see any photos you took.

Andrew 1 април 2009
Great pics! Not only have you given us a bunch of great desktop images, I have a new screen saver to use! Definitely makes me want to get to NZ someday.

AntarctiKen 5 април 2009
Fantastic shots. When I saw then they looked so familiar that I pulled up the shots I took there. We traveled a very similar path. Boulders, light house, falls. I shot almost the exact same shots. Yours turned out better. BUT, I go through there twice a year. I will try again! I have a much better camera now and a bit more experience.

Jeremy Kemp 31 март 2009
Agreed! I'm a recent NZ immigrant, and I hope to someday go visit all the beautiful places you photographed!

Patty 31 март 2009
Really phenomenal pics - what an eye!! Thanks

Vlad Gerasimov 31 март 2009
Thanks! Also, please note - all wallpapers from New Zealand (including high-quality images) are free to download for all users, not only registered.

Pavel 1 април 2009
Obaldennye Foto, Ya tozhe hachu tuda!!!!

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