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Gold Flame

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Vlad Gerasimov 25 november 2007
Simple, abstract but, hopefully, nice and easy! Blue version is also available

← Blue Flame Patek Philippe Watch →

Komentáre {27}

Caspar long ago
Awsum soo cool maybe a green one? this is the coolest computer image I have ever seen!!

Zachary Howe long ago
I love this wallpaper!

Anish long ago
That's tooo hot, my computer screen is going to burnnnnn .....

person long ago
I used the exact same thing but i photoshopped mine to be green and I love it !

LucasDT long ago
I like the blue better, but still BEAUTIFUL!

Ariyo long ago

jumpy-jump long ago
that's great! Those little circles make the wallpaper so dynamic! And maybe you could make one another, f.ex., yellow?

MuiMui long ago
Amazing just amazing!

megan long ago
its beautiful gorgeous - this gold and blue too ... i have no words ...

emily 4 január 2008
finally some cool wallpapers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

anchor 29 január 2008
requesting a tutorial for such a desktop wallpaper if you please...

mahdi 18 august 2008
very very........... beautiful very perfect.........

Ivan Pedro 24 február 2010

Naret 19 november 2013
I can't use wallpaper clock . My OS is windows7. How can I correct it.

Unknown says long ago
A true work of art.

andre250 long ago
bardzo cieplutkie foto

Tim long ago
Green would be Awesome!!! Also I took this one and your blue flame and made a half/half background, it looks sweet!!!

emily long ago
finally some decent artwork of wallpapers! great work! i love all of em.

Mohammed Korashy long ago
That's Another nice one

Ion long ago
I love you're wallpapers and this is AWESOME.

Justin Murray long ago
awesome vlad. simply brilliant. i would love to see more colors in this series. possibly a yellow, or purple one? maybe a tutorial could follow in the near future?

Haz long ago
That's really nice! I wish I had as good ideas and as high Photoshop skills as you! :)

gokben(Turkiye) long ago
Bu yeteneğe hayran kalmamak mümkün değil. Çok güzeeeeeeeeeel ne diyeyim...

batya shalhevet 9 január 2008
BS"D used it on my blog. why not....

bob 28 október 2008
its only an image.. chill

Rach 6 apríl 2012
you're so amazingly talented, i love all your art! It brightens my desktop and keeps it interesting :)

aslan 29 jún 2015
the best live wallpaper clocks...god jobs...

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