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Bridges: Golden Gate, USA (Night)

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Vlad Gerasimov 21 jún 2010
This is the color variation of previous wallpaper.

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Komentáre {15}

Francesco 22 jún 2010

VladFan 22 jún 2010
I love the streetlights - they add a great effect. Good job as always!

Raya Bergin 23 jún 2010
Vlad, Thank you so much!

Clyde Garceo 25 jún 2010
What a great job you are really talented thank you so much for sharing

8 november 2010
fůůůůůůůůůůůůůůůůůůůůůůůůůůůůůůůůůůůůůůůůůůůůůůůůůůůůůůůůůůj yuck

ROMINA ✪ LOKITA ✪ 21 apríl 2015
ME GUSTOOO✪✪✪✪✪✪✪✪✪

Alex 7 jún 2017
Wow!!! Really cool and minimalistic! Golden gate bridge is fantastic when you drive through! I found several awesome backgrounds on and with the bridge but it's the best one!

Robin 22 jún 2010
Love it, thanks a lot Vlad!

Dasha 22 jún 2010
Very cool! Thank you :)

Adam Moore 22 jún 2010
Any chance to get this without the text? There is a bridge in my city that looks JUST like this. Check out Halifax, Nova Scotia to see what I mean. Would be nice if I could get it without the text :) Thank you Vlad.

Jochen Toppe 1 júl 2010
Can you please do a Brooklyn Bridge as well? :-)

s 8 august 2012

neznama 18 október 2014
Ok :)

Maureen L Wilson 24 august 2016
Wonderful, Wonderful. I love it. I'm from San Francisco and now live in the Pacific Northwest, Puget Sound area but I miss SF everyday. Your bridge is perfection. Thank you so much.

Bharath 4 september 2017
awesome minimal one. i download wallpapers from,

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