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The Black Hole

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Vlad Gerasimov 5 júl 2008
Dedicated to the Large Hadron Collider, and all the fears associated with it :-)

← Flying Elephant Rock stars →

Komentáre {73}

SHabnam 5 júl 2008
wow! marvelous would u please make a tutorial of this... plz plz plz???

Juliet (Where's Romeo?) 5 júl 2008
Magical, awesome... Respect Vlad ;-)

Natasha 5 júl 2008
Eshe i kollraideru posvyasheno) Zdorovo :*

Rodger Werner 5 júl 2008
Beautiful overall Vlad. Couple things I would personally like. Title throws me off, as light cannot escape a black hole, and yet you have light escaping. Perhaps if the title were reworked? Or, perhaps another version without light escaping to grasp the red orb? But I do love the blues and reds, the swirling stars and the hint of gases.

Rivirland 5 júl 2008
I like this one :) I would really be happy if you make a tutorial 'bout this one :)

Purple 5 júl 2008
Very intresting work...

JTankers 5 júl 2008
Very nice graphics! Have you read what people are saying on these sites?

Darkcat 6 júl 2008
OMG, this is just too fantastic... Must be take lots of time to put all the details..

Jacob Parks 6 júl 2008
Each time I see your site you surprise me. Thanks!

Matthew Bentley 6 júl 2008
"Dedicated to the Large Hadron Collider, and all the fears associated with it :-)" Haha, do you think they'll get hazard pay for that?

denver 6 júl 2008

Michael S Lewis 6 júl 2008
Very Kool !!!!!! Thank You.....

Beaver 7 júl 2008
If im brutally honest, your work of late has been poor. (By your own high standards) But this is back to your best!! Amazing piece, really incredible. More of this standard please!!

Jynrya 7 júl 2008
Oh my goodness... Vlad... This is incredible!! I want a tutorial on that... Please. ^___^ Simply beyond words... This is more of my speed. Love the colors and the stars.

shital jethva 8 júl 2008

Kellie Bave 9 júl 2008
I LOVE IT! Thanks! more space....more space....

Giger 11 júl 2008

Marija 12 júl 2008
Thank you.It's very beautiful :)

Ponty 20 júl 2008
Awesome as always! You guys rule.

none 24 júl 2008
what can the Creativity said to u ?? it's AWESOME :D

andrey =) 16 august 2008
omg, it's so beatyful!

Greg Conrad 25 august 2008
GREAT!!! My new Fav! I keep my desktop clean so that I am able to enjoy your backgrounds. Keep it up. Happy Olympics, 1 day late. USA. Thanks Vlad GC

mando 8 október 2008

Ojas 27 október 2008
I've always been fascinated by space and looked for its backgrounds for my comp. But this is the best one by far! Really attractive placement! Thanks so very much, Vlad! :)

Unbekannter 14 február 2009

David Brenner 16 apríl 2009
Has anyone thought to look at this image with high contrast or negative colors enabled on their computers? It is quite spectacular and brings a whole new life to it. The shortcut for negative colors on a mac: Ctrl-Option-Command-8. It will produce a whole new image to stare at : )

teco 29 december 2009
100 comentarios. muito loko memo!!! valeu

20 február 2010
i like blach hole

Gary Haugen 25 jún 2010
Don't know how I ever did with out these desk tops their better then fantastic. Vlad is a great and talented person

andrew 1 apríl 2011

toto 16 apríl 2012
is the magnific sites

flower 1 september 2012
this is sooooo cool! it looks like theres a solar eclipse going on and the sun and moon are getting sucked into the black hole!!!

kikiki 14 marec 2014
no magic.borning

SUNata 5 júl 2008
Завораживающе красиво!

MaTt 5 júl 2008
Awesome!!! I love those spaced-theme wallpaper!!

meg 5 júl 2008
aah your wallpapers are better and better *THUMBS UP*

Anastasia 5 júl 2008
This space wallpaper is great! It is UNEARTHLY beautiful! :-)

simgust 5 júl 2008
Very cool! As the other say: love your work... And it is totally amazing! VERY fun watching everything you make. Keep up the good work! :D

simgust 5 júl 2008
I would also LOVE a tutorial for this one!

Andrea Knaus 5 júl 2008
Fantastic! Thank you for that!

Joy C 5 júl 2008
It's beautiful. Thank you.

leti 5 júl 2008
Vlad, es impresionante todo, el tema, la imagen... I don't know what to say... Congrats!

Andy 5 júl 2008
Thank you very much. This pic is really impressive

mkultra 5 júl 2008

Suzana 5 júl 2008
Awesome!!! Love that swirl with the stars, just beautiful!!! Another masterpiece!!!

Chad 6 júl 2008
Absolutely amazing Vlad!

A1Elements 6 júl 2008
VV0vv,... Another amazing wallpaper. But i can't see the category of this wallpaper.

Kareem Khazem 6 júl 2008
Wow... is it the earth collapsing into a black hole and sucking up the sun? Really cool, I love it... the swirling stuff around the black hole looks nice

George Mariot 6 júl 2008
Felicitations mon ami ! Parfait !!!

Life Seeker 6 júl 2008

shay 6 júl 2008
wow...never know what you will come up with next! This is beautiful!!

Lucy 7 júl 2008
Genius as always - you shine like a star!!!

foxtrot 7 júl 2008
Ох, надеюсь мы не улетим в тар-тара-ры))

evilonion 8 júl 2008
wow, that's a really good one! XD

gigie 8 júl 2008
WAW! I lovE!!!

Duegi 10 júl 2008
is there anything you do that's not just fantastic?

melis 15 júl 2008
çok çok çok güzel!

capitan 17 júl 2008
son grandes, cada vez más grandes

solwyvern 24 júl 2008
A tutorial of this would be great^^

Reni 15 august 2008
super!!!! no coment!!!!

Carly 27 august 2008
Awesome. =]

loovex54 13 september 2008
this is awesome..beautiful work!

katrinne 27 september 2008
very interesting! it's a cool wp. thanks vlad! :D

ccdj 29 september 2008
I really love this

Pankaj Kumar Raidas 16 október 2008
That's is beuty & marvless......

Robb 10 november 2008
Very nice :)

kruzlsee 1 február 2009
So difficult to choose. They are all so beautiful. Thank you for sharing your creations.

Ramu 16 marec 2009
Superb blend of colors

CrucioAtrus 24 máj 2009
I'm admiring your work, well done!

Sakdeep Marani 24 máj 2009

16 december 2009
sao tang nay toan tieng Anh o vay?

rook 22 január 2010
A little less than nothing is much more than enough to fill the infinite quota of anti matter stuff If time should fuse with matter and mass with energy bend With time warp feasability we may reach infinity's end LSVACH June 1972 this is something I wrote and publisshed as a poem, I think it fits your creation perfectly. I think your imaginative concepts are truely AWSOME!!!!!!!!!

Luka 14 február 2013
One of your most beautiful wallpaper clocks! Thank you!

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