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Where Smiles Are Born

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Vlad Gerasimov 5 február 2006
Ever wondered where people get smiles from for their forums and blogs? They gather them on secret fields, carefully searching for them among pea pod! :-)

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Komentáre {74}

Carrie long ago
Sooo cute, I'm using it!

Nirmalya long ago
c¡l¦Z q­u­R ! (Y)

سجاد long ago
سلام این خیلی بده همه چی پولیه

Tauheed long ago
Nice Very Nice :-P

Demeter long ago
You are writing that all of your nice and fabolous wallpapers are for free in low quality, yep? So why i cant download dual-monitor wallpapers? Thn. De

siberia long ago
It can send you back to the childhood! 这是一种可以让你回到童年的色彩!

gr8 long ago
thats so sweet!!!!

Heidi long ago
I'm going to buy this one for a friend's baby so sweet...

süss long ago
Hey bu çok tatlı bayıldım çok da şekerrrrrrrrrrrr

koko (5ly) long ago
wow it's very beautiful

Jason long ago
Can i see more?

soybeans long ago
Wheres the download button its so cute but i cant get it without the download button

atena long ago
nice nice nice wallpaper but nicer the title!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

pte long ago
ist ok:)

Me long ago
< O O O :-) O > !!!

viva long ago
so nice

Marc long ago
hahaha, cute. The smile on the pea reflects on your face in a few seconds

son long ago

Jade long ago
What a surprise! A smile was born when i saw it!

kristine long ago
It`s great ! I hope that won`t stop do so nice things and hava so amaising ideas!:-)

marysiakom long ago
It's soooooo sweeeeet, brings a smile to my face :) long ago
Art should be fun at times and this is one of those moments! :-D Hay Vlad, I did not get a reply for the wallpaper no.232 titled "a message" I'm still courious... keep up the amazing work! dante

superb long ago
:), it ok

Aung AUng long ago
I want to photo

rohini long ago
itz good 2 c that u hav used a different colour.i must say it is very nice(y);-)

smiley long ago

Amir Hossein V long ago
Thats cool , But I havn't enough Money ( for sale your Wallpapers)!!!!!!!!

zzz long ago
yeah, nagyon aranyos

JASON long ago

LanKa-NJ long ago
(Y) you are so great!!:-D

reggie 8 január 2008
this is one of my top ten favorite vladstudio wallpapers! such a happy piece of art! love it! thanx

loni 31 marec 2008
sen valla

masha 14 september 2008

katrinne 21 september 2008
Beautifull. the colours are great :D very very cute image. Thanks vlad

kimotheraphy 25 august 2009
Sweet, whimsical... Made this grumpy person smile...

terebetan2 8 august 2010
muy lindo

buding from porac long ago
ot kalwat????? :-D

Gloria long ago
Green is a serene color, and add to that smile it's even more. Beautiful

friendly~friend long ago
This made me think of my mom, she used to call me her sweet pea. Thank you. Your so awesome!:-)(L)

chussey long ago
i (L) green sooo mUch..=",= ;-)

kevin long ago
more smiles

Vlad Gerasimov long ago
To Demeter: because they are available in high quality only. Thanks.

Julie long ago

a long ago
(L) it

Harry long ago
Simply, your artwork is Second to None !! :-) (Y) (Y) (Y)

süss long ago
hey bu cok seker bayıldım cok da sevımlıymıs

Monica long ago
u are so creative!!! I love it so much

sò lông long ago
great, that's alll i wanna say !

Steve Cobb long ago
very nice!

Ally long ago
It's so ADORABLEEEEEE! I love your art!

andrea long ago
u rule. :)

Lawrence long ago
It is a nice wallpaper :-)

elina long ago
Tak prijatna kamuta darit ulibki!

Singapore long ago
Cute! i like it :-D

suzana long ago
Vlad~~~ :-D I love it! ! ! ! Even makes me think of Spring; hopefully the groundhog is wrong...LOL btw..."Cold Night" is one of my favourites.

Moo long ago
Adorable. Simply adorable. :)

Carl long ago
One of your best Vlad. (Y)

Alex long ago
Its cute! :-D

Caline long ago
This is very nice! I think that nobody will see it without a smile. :-) :-) :-)

Kacenka long ago
Hi Vlad, I simply love it. Your pictures make people smile, that´s so nice of you!!! :-)

Rich long ago
The Two and the Bubbles is still my favourite, but this one is a close second.

Lynn long ago
Very creative piece of art!!! NICE!!! (Y) :-D

Paru long ago

urghhhhhhhh long ago
u must be mad its soooooooooo bad do u actually do this for a living?

annsley long ago
I'm amazed by the bright green color. Reminds me of gelatin, in that it is so refreshing and sweet. (L)

arezoo long ago
سلام عالی بود مرسی @};-

Yeti long ago
He he . Mind control! I'm now grinning :-)

Sebastian long ago
Your a verry creative artist. Keep up the good work! (Y)

tzieaqua 11 január 2008
i love green =)

vanda 23 február 2008

goa 24 apríl 2008

ghazal 21 september 2008
it's soweet!i love it soOoOOoOOOoOOoOOOoOOo much!

Rachel 24 august 2009
I love your idea!!!! And my teacher loves them too! =))

Nistyer 3 máj 2010
Awesome !!!

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