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Size: Počítače Mobilné zariadenia Apple Android 2 obrazovky 3 obrazovky

iPhoneiPhone RetinaiPhone 5iPadiPhone 7 PlusiPhone X*iPhone 5 (L)MacBook AiriMac 21"*Cinema 24"*iPad RetinaiMac 27"*Cinema 30"*MacBook Retina*iMac Retina 5K*

Note - for most Android phones, you need a wallpaper twice as wide as your screen.

HTC Desire CNexus 7, Galaxy S3Nokia Lumia 920Galaxy S2, Nokia Lumia 820NookGalaxy NoteSony Xperia UKindle Fire*HTC One SNexus 7 (L), Galaxy S3 (L)Nokia Lumia 920 (L)Kindle Fire HD, Asus TransformerGalaxy Nexus, HTC One XKindle Fire HD 8.9"*

Vlad Gerasimov 29 máj 2008
I've been having this idea growing in  me for quite a while. Hope you like it!

← Whale (Night) The Running Horse →

Komentáre {48}

Mak Mann 29 máj 2008
lol very cute indeed.

divya 29 máj 2008
Wow...Lovely Thanks for sharing

Rob Hutchinson 29 máj 2008
Great idea Vlad! Love it!

Moo 29 máj 2008

Frank Sazama 29 máj 2008
Thank you very much, I am a lighthouse fan :-)

Suzanne 29 máj 2008
Thank you for always having something new and delightful! The lighthouse, whale and friends are charming! Thanks for sharing!

Joe 29 máj 2008
I guess I was too lazy to look. Just saw the one at night, my fault for being lazy. Both are great

Raimonda 29 máj 2008
awsome :*

Leti 30 máj 2008
it makes me smile :) thanks

Beejay 30 máj 2008
Im a fan!

Vladfan 31 máj 2008
Awwww! It's so cute!

riri 1 jún 2008
this is so amaizing and cute! I love it!!

Blogger 3 jún 2008
Just a question–I found your blog at this address: Why don't you post on it? I like blogging, and I'd like to see you do it too. (P.S.–I'm a big fan! I love your work.)

1998 15 jún 2008
i love it its cool

ForeverMad 12 august 2008
love it

Flappy! 14 september 2008
This reminds me of the whale in ♥The Misadventures of FlapJack!♥

delfina... 6 október 2008
böyle güzel bir çalışma için tebrikler,sonsuz başarılar...

Maja Homen 2 november 2008

Candela 24 február 2012
Me ha encantado. Soy una enamora del mar. Los faros, en España, son maravillosos y por supuesto las ballenas. Gracias por tu hermoso trabajo.

celina 27 august 2012
soooooooo cute

Jacky 24 november 2012
Freakin' love it!

Пряня 4 december 2012
Огромное спасибо за такие добрые картинки! Потрясающие! Теперь этот кит живет на моем рабочем столе))

Greed from Hong KOng 28 október 2014
Thanks so much for this amazing clock

Juliet (Where's Romeo?) 29 máj 2008
Amazing! Amazing! Amazing! :-) Thank you for making my screen so charming!

Oziel 29 máj 2008
So cute. Thank you...

Danzaaa 29 máj 2008
I love dis. It replaced your Eurovision wallpaper.

Shelley 29 máj 2008
I love it!

Marija 29 máj 2008
It's very beautiful :)

Coyote 29 máj 2008
Sooooo cute!

Scott Hurst 29 máj 2008
Awesome, as usual!

Joe 29 máj 2008
Amazing as always, but why is the lighthouse on in the day-time? I think a night-time shot of this would be really cool. Maybe, I'm being picky, still love it.

Tiffany 29 máj 2008
Dis wallpaper so totally rockz! I think the whale is soooooo cute!

Rit@ 30 máj 2008

Belén junquera 31 máj 2008
Fantastic like always, whenever I open your page I die of envy with your drawings, congratulations

Xavier Robin 31 máj 2008
A lighthouse lighting on the day? Well... I prefer the night version, but this is cool too !

ewer 12 jún 2008

Steve 14 jún 2008
This is an incredible picture. I love the Bright Blue colour and orange. It has really cheered up my desktop. Thank you

Kee 30 júl 2008
ชอบมากๆ ขอบคุณ vlad studio i luv u.

Karie 28 september 2008
I'm a student and I'm always on my iMac doing some sort of assignments and I love having this cute whale behind all my boring windows.

Abhilash Melethil 28 október 2008
Incredibly beautiful!! thnx a lot, i am so happy to see my desktop now..

Tara 8 december 2009
I love the whale!!!!!

randykam 28 marec 2012
i`m a fa too, you are the best!

pakistani 30 marec 2012

Brookshire1948 10 august 2012
So cute and what an original idea. Thanks, Vlad!

Shahriar 7 október 2012
Calm Sea

puneithuzaw 2 apríl 2013
you are beauty\

Hung 17 jún 2013
Love it

Eren Jaeger 23 február 2014
I Can't Open This File ? Open With ?

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