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Size: Počítače Mobilné zariadenia Apple Android 2 obrazovky 3 obrazovky

iPhoneiPhone RetinaiPhone 5iPadiPhone 7 PlusiPhone XiPhone 5 (L)MacBook AiriMac 21"Cinema 24"iPad RetinaiMac 27"Cinema 30"MacBook RetinaiMac Retina 5K

Note - for most Android phones, you need a wallpaper twice as wide as your screen.

HTC Desire CNexus 7, Galaxy S3Nokia Lumia 920Galaxy S2, Nokia Lumia 820NookGalaxy NoteSony Xperia UKindle FireHTC One SNexus 7 (L), Galaxy S3 (L)Nokia Lumia 920 (L)Kindle Fire HD, Asus TransformerGalaxy Nexus, HTC One XKindle Fire HD 8.9"

Vlad Gerasimov 21 november 2009
Sandal je ruské duo, ZhenYa (Zuza), speváčka s neuveriteľným hlasom a Dima (Petrovič), vynikajúci bubeník, hrajúce etno-piesne z rôznych kultúr, rovnako ako ich vlastné piesne. Stretol som sa ich, keď robili show v Irkutsku, a stali sa obdivovateľmi môjho umenie! Tak som ich nakreslil. Úlohou bolo, aby boli rozpoznateľní použitím jednoduchých čiar a tvarov. Myslím, že to dopadlo dobre! Prečítajte si/ pozrite si / vypočujte si Sandal duo: MySpace Youtube LiveJournal Last FM

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Komentáre {34}

ward 23 november 2009
Simple, but still so perfect. Thanks for the free download!

Tusnelda 23 november 2009
Like it very much! Thanks again, Vlad!

Melts 23 november 2009
It looks amazing!

Cec Medin (Australia) 23 november 2009
Great! also I liked your introduction. Love it. Simple and tastefull. I hope this year you make some Xmas wallpaper for those who celebrate it in summer in middle of a scortching heat. Thanks for sharing with us. Terrific work!

Ola 24 november 2009
Great! Like me and my brother:> Thanks for free download! :))

Fuong 24 november 2009
Hi Vlad, I like it very much. Thanks a lot for the links as well, Sandal's music sounds very soothing to me.

honzaty 26 november 2009

Mary 28 november 2009
Hello! I just want to say I really appreciate the beautiful wallpapers you create. They are so unique and colorful. I have a nature photography wallpaper site and I created a list of the top wallpaper sites of 2009 and your site is at the very top of the list! I look forward to seeing more of your creations :)

samira 16 január 2010
very nice!

sara 30 január 2010
like ever, nice design. you are so talent

jasmine 14 február 2010
very well !!!

Kenan Sulayman 17 február 2010
Could you make the .psd's be available, please? I'd be sooooooooo full of luck if that'd be possible.. <3

zahra 5 marec 2010
tara is it you why you write comment :P

Екатерина 12 jún 2010
Да-да. Очень похожи)

Cute 22 október 2010
Thank a lot ;)

Мария 14 jún 2011
Спасибо Вам за ваши работы ОГРОМНОЕ!!!!!!!А у Жужи с Петровичем чудо-Их наконец-то стало трое!

qubra.turkey 23 november 2009
nice :)

qubra.turkey 23 november 2009
and thanks for the free download ;)

Christina (Australia) 23 november 2009
Thank-u Vlad, nice & fresh, orange always such a happy colour! How soon before we can see some of your fabulous Christmas wallpapers? can't wait!!! xox

Vida Hernaus 23 november 2009
very nice work! it's warm and it's got that "african" feel about it :) love it! thx for the free download! i'm sure going to check those guys out. oh, btw, i, too, am looking forward to your xmas/new year wallpapers ;)

Oziel 24 november 2009
Hello Vlad! I hope you are well. I can not thank you enough for all the work that you provided to each of your wallpapers. They are all equally beautiful ones than the others. This one in particular. A big thank you. Good luck to you. Thank you again

lisa 27 november 2009

Tara 27 november 2009
I thought she was a bellydancer :) I love your work Vlad!

Jaideep Nadkarni 4 december 2009
Ethnicity at it's best...

Petrovich 7 december 2009
Спасибо, Влад!

Julia. Russia 5 január 2010
it's amazing!

6 február 2010
Thank you, Very nice!

9 február 2010

Cuba[rolan2niubó 18 február 2010
Está muy muy bueno como siempre, it's so GOOD like always he do it it's the best :)

22 marec 2010

s@eeD Fooli 13 jún 2010
you are the best VLAD . I really love your works . thanks a lot ,be successfull a lot !

ahmed 9 november 2010

noyan 30 január 2012
very nice!

Tấn 21 august 2014
I love vladstudio

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