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Note - for most Android phones, you need a wallpaper twice as wide as your screen.

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Vlad Gerasimov · 12 január 2006
Created in pessimistic mood.

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Komentáre 30

jd · long ago
does it have an exit?

mavi · long ago
ah! nope. all i can think is about that movie, ah! yes! the shinnig? with that jack nick.

Liska · long ago
It sometimes happens to find the exit where entrance is... Good work, Vlad

b0ne · long ago
Forgot to add, nice job!

b0ne · long ago
I found the little guy =)

Saumitra · long ago
Masterpiece!! Deep emotions are being portrayed!!

Mathias · long ago
that must have taken hours, probably days to complete. Again you prove your great skill and expertise Vlad.

Vlad Gerasimov · long ago
vino - very easy! With black pen :-) Then scanned and edited in Photoshop.

Michel · long ago
wonderful on a 2560x1600 display. truly a lost mouse in the maze.

D. Bourez · long ago
A very beautiful one! But it seems that the 1920x1200 version is corrupted too, with a grey line near the bottom of the picture.

Vlad Gerasimov · long ago
Thanks everybody! Matthew - picture fixed, thanks. Friend - please can you email me.

Kacenka · long ago
I have the same emotion as Jade - at the very first glance I thought I see a city of skyscrapers! Was it intentional? Anyway it is just lovely! (L)(L)(L)

Jade · long ago
I like this very much...when I first looked at it I saw a city of skyscrapers! Anyway you look at it "LOST" lives up to its title...very nice's taken!

Moo · long ago
If it has an exit, it needs an entrance too! ;) It's definately named well!

Lizzie · long ago
It reminds me of a Escher type piece...very's going on my iPod right now! :D

Brandy · long ago
LOVE it! One of my favorites !!! I love the color and texture, its just perfect!

Abiosis · long ago
I think I saw the entrance and exit... But I lost them again... ;-)

mellllanic(IRAN) · long ago
from wich way i begin???? :-) :-D Tnx

birol · long ago
you must focus on these dark works

kadu · long ago
your best. and that says quite a lot!

Saumitra · long ago
Masterpiece!! Deep emotions are being portrayed!!

vino · long ago
I was afraid of that :-O Either you are really relentless person or it was pretty pessimistic mood indeed.

vino · long ago
Cool... imagine seeing people walking down there in those corridords, I feel a chill in my back. How did you create the labyrint structure? Please tell... ;-)

larry · long ago
I love it. The pattern reminds me of those arachaic Chinese bronzes with a rich oxidized patina. That deep smokey teal color is fantastic.

son · long ago

Luzma · long ago
It looks like something from a Tim Burton's movie. I like it a lot. It makes me look for someone lost in there. Wonderful. Thank you. I hope your mood is better now. :-)

Matthew · long ago
The 1600x1200, right picture has a corruption in it unfortunately

Friend · long ago
I really like "Lost"...I'd like it more if I could have it larger than 800x600. The resolution selections under High Quality do not react at all. I'm a registered user and have tried with 3 different browsers after logging in. Help! :-s

b4 · long ago
(Y) one of the best for me - thankyou and best regards

Stef · 7 november 2009
wow. i. am. lost!

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