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Size: Počítače Mobilné zariadenia Apple Android 2 obrazovky 3 obrazovky

Note - for most Android phones, you need a wallpaper twice as wide as your screen.

Vlad Gerasimov 25 september 2017
For V.

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Komentáre {13}

Marko 25 september 2017
Very nice! Keep up the good work, Vlad! :-)

Yiming 26 september 2017
Hear ye, hear ye! Best wallpapers on the web. get your wallpapers,posters, mouse pads and mugs!

Kelcey 26 september 2017
Beautiful and wonderful and whimsical as always:)

Markus 4 október 2017
It's a pleasure to have you back again! What a nice surprise! This one is already an absolute favourite of mine - I love idyll in space :-)

Jiri Kocarek 20 október 2017
Happy to see you back again!!

Salman Siddiqui 22 október 2017

B 14 november 2017
Vlad, have you ever looked into doing work with Amanita Design? Theirs is the only art I'm familiar with that gets so close to hitting the same emotional sweet spot that yours does :)

vmm 26 september 2017
Wonderful! Hope to see some new creative Ubuntu wallpapers from you. P.S. I wrote a Facebook message to you about my private Ubuntu wallpapers inspired by your experience. I'll be happy if it would inspire you in return. ;-)

Zampa 26 september 2017
Wonderful!!! Tank you, Vlad!!! :)

UniversalExplorer 16 október 2017
Clever design. 8)

Stefano 16 október 2017
Welcome back!!!

Be-rad! 21 október 2017
I check the website every few months (or when I remember) and I just saw you started again; yippee!

Christian Coppini 18 november 2017
Welcome back Vlad!!!

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