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Size: Počítače Mobilné zariadenia Apple Android 2 obrazovky 3 obrazovky

Note - for most Android phones, you need a wallpaper twice as wide as your screen.

Vlad Gerasimov 26 august 2017
For V.

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Komentáre {6}

Oziel 27 august 2017
Hello from Tahiti! A lot of percussion at home... Those that come from the heart. Thx vlad!

Yiming 22 september 2017
You can download by selecting the dimensions. By the way, great job! Keep it up! It's still the best wallpapers on the Web.

king 31 august 2017
where is the dwonleod bottun

Carl Willetts 7 september 2017
Great to see new wallpapers Vlad! I've missed seeing your new creations. This is still the best wallpaper website on the Internet.

Jury 22 september 2017

pfennig59 25 september 2017
"wall-drums-comment" I agree.

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