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Note - for most Android phones, you need a wallpaper twice as wide as your screen.

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Vlad Gerasimov 27 apríl 2008
This is how butterflies get their colorful make-up! Hope you like it :-)

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Komentáre {75}

Chad 27 apríl 2008
Very creative! Love it!

Rit@ 27 apríl 2008
Beautiful I love it!! Its one of my favorites!! I give you a gold medal for this job!! Its so cool and cute... thank you vlad!!! keep the good work! =)

Arthur Pustynin 27 apríl 2008
Очень необычно и красиво.

Kevin Olson 27 apríl 2008
My mother will absolutely love this one. Thanks Vlad. How about a clock to go with it?

jbYun 27 apríl 2008
It's really awesome & creative.. I love it..

Trang 28 apríl 2008
So cool! I hope we could get a wallclock with this soon! :-)

Lili (Spain) 28 apríl 2008
So beautiful !!!!!!!!! Thanks a lot !!!

ap 28 apríl 2008
Puxa!!! Que espectáculo! ADOREI :)

divya 28 apríl 2008
Hi Vlad, Fantastic job..You made my day. I simply loved it.. Thanks..

Ioanna 28 apríl 2008
Iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!!! How cute!!! Absolutely LOVE IT!!!

Salva 29 apríl 2008

Lönn 29 apríl 2008
Lol i like the eyes of the butterfly...xDD and the little worm xD great work!!!

Jennifer Gruber 29 apríl 2008
Very creative...I love it!

Kyria 29 apríl 2008
Hey Hon! This is a most funniest what you ever made :) My family loves it.

Davidz 29 apríl 2008

librarian from croatia 30 apríl 2008
i put your free desktops on our computers in the school library, kids love it... they make up stories about your characters...

AMPIT 1 máj 2008
You are a poet!

Tagy 2 máj 2008
amazingly cute ;)

xuan 3 máj 2008
i like ur creative thinking :)

Sveta Kalinina 5 máj 2008
beutiful!!! prima! perfekt! ;)

ko 5 máj 2008
esta hermosoo!!!! ideal para una mujer!! exelente exelente exelente!!

NC-Koala 6 máj 2008
Me encanta, esta precioso, los colores todo!!!! I love it, mmmmm!!! I love butterflies!!!

Rit@ 6 máj 2008
I have noted now you don't have a wall clock for this underfull wallpaper please do the wall clock please please please com'on !! thank you vlad

Rit@ 8 máj 2008
thank you vlad! I ask you if you can do the wall clock and you do it!! thank you vlad!

나세연 9 máj 2008

dJ_aLi_03212772008 16 máj 2008
Hey Vlad what have you its beautiful now this is what's called ART OF AN ARTIST beautiful i luv it keep it up man by

Ira 31 máj 2008
Классная идея!!!!!!!!!!

1998 7 jún 2008

G 11 júl 2008
I so love is amazing....just right for me

May 7 august 2008
It's very cute, Vlad. =)

Ifeb 9 august 2008
Its very creative vlad, very beautiful....!!!! I luv it :)

rere 8 október 2008
wooooooooooooooooooow its wander full

lore 20 október 2008
i love you

dancul 29 október 2008
its nice

lau 5 január 2009
i love butterflies! and i love this wallpaper! it's awesome! ;)

abbas 3 november 2009
ağabek burası ingilizce mi?????????

--- 18 november 2009
How creative! It's awe-inspiring to see such a beautiful design!

Avril 10 október 2011
very very nice :*

Avril 10 október 2011
very very nice :*

Belén junquera 27 apríl 2008

ionuca 27 apríl 2008
:)) This is so nice! I wouldn't have thought of that.

abhishek 27 apríl 2008
AWESOME...................dude, u can inspire poets too.............. urs is one of the best wallpaper sites ive come across............... Hats off ! U r doing russia proud.

Chaeseok Lim 27 apríl 2008
Thanks Vlad~!!!!

Little girl 27 apríl 2008

Mark Allshouse 28 apríl 2008
Excellent! Luv it!

kobi laufer 28 apríl 2008

Icey 28 apríl 2008
Wonderful! You have such a creative and beautiful imagination!

Marija 28 apríl 2008
Wow,it's so beautifullllll:)

Roustem 28 apríl 2008
Not bad, but I think batterfly's wing is dirty in color.

John 28 apríl 2008
Vlad, that is absolutely beautiful.

gokben(Turkiye) 28 apríl 2008
Cooooooooooooooooook guzel :) :) :)

D3V:L D3Z!nS 29 apríl 2008
No Words!! Truly awesome............gr8 th0ught!! good implementation. only vlad can do this.......:)) nice i love ur work !! super cool

shay 29 apríl 2008
That is simply adorable!!!

Rit@ 29 apríl 2008
hi! i absolutly love this wallpaper.... there are no words to discribe it and who says this wallpaper is ugly is seeing very bad so i recommend him to buy some glasses...;) keep the good work vlad!!!

Dude! 30 apríl 2008

Mohammed Korashy 30 apríl 2008
Excellent for Summer and Baby room print too.

mommypjf 1 máj 2008
Thank you !!! Wonderful!!! Beautiful!!!! I LOVE YOUR SITE!

Cynthia (Au) 2 máj 2008
Great! Beautiful colors! Love it! Thanks heaps for another great w/paper.

Rit@ 4 máj 2008
it's the third time I comment this walllpaper... :D I don't get tired to look to this wallpaper...! :):P:D thank you vlad!

Marek | 5 máj 2008
Hi Vlad, awesome designs and tuts. I have an idea for you, if you have time, you can do visual interpretations or responses to current events. Say top news story on BBC etc and make it it a wallpaper or poster. Just a thought! :-P ... and maybe push the image as a new wallpaper to peoples desktops. Regs, Marek |

Ruby Pipes 6 máj 2008
Gorgeous and brilliant!

fathenea 7 máj 2008
Es genial,este y todos!! :) Me encantan!!!

Mamoun A Bibi 8 máj 2008
Amazing ,I love it,

ayşe 10 máj 2008

Val 27 máj 2008
Vlad, where r u from? If Russia. Im so proud of my country and talented people live there. Bravo!!!

ks 5 jún 2008
сижу и улыбаюсь в монитор - чудо!

terush 24 jún 2008
I love it!

camily and vetuta 5 august 2008
it`s so nice this picture ! i`m going to take to my friend because i love her (? kisses to every body

katrinne 21 september 2008
LOVE IT thank you so much and the wall clock its gorgeous too!! You are great vlad :) greatings from portugal :P

saira 24 október 2008
esta uper jenial m gusta

Victoria 6 november 2008
Nice colors

dorota 22 január 2009
genialne! piękna stronka:)

abbas 3 november 2009
ağabek bu site ingilizce mi yaw?????????????

genny 9 júl 2010

Anonymous 16 január 2011
Super. IMHO it would have been even more awesome if you had shown most part of the wings filled to make the pic look more vibrant.

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