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Size: Počítače Mobilné zariadenia Apple Android 2 obrazovky 3 obrazovky

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Note - for most Android phones, you need a wallpaper twice as wide as your screen.

HTC Desire CNexus 7, Galaxy S3Nokia Lumia 920Galaxy S2, Nokia Lumia 820NookGalaxy NoteSony Xperia UKindle Fire*HTC One SNexus 7 (L), Galaxy S3 (L)Nokia Lumia 920 (L)Kindle Fire HD, Asus TransformerGalaxy Nexus, HTC One XKindle Fire HD 8.9"*

Vlad Gerasimov 11 máj 2009
Jednoduché a dekoratívne pozadie. Ako vždy, vytvorené v Adobe Photoshop. Väčšinu kresliaceho času som používal Wacom Cintiq. K dispozicii sú 4 farebné variácie. Ďakujem!

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Komentáre {32}

megan* 11 máj 2009
just ... beautiful

bob 11 máj 2009
i'm not a member but i've liked every single one of your wallpapers keep up the good work!

George Mariot 11 máj 2009
That's why we love Vlad !!!

Tusnelda 11 máj 2009
Well, Vlad, what can I say? It just gets better!!!! Thanks!

Alexei Medvedev 11 máj 2009
KRASIVO - zashibis'!!!

Carol Moulin 11 máj 2009
I instantly fell in love with this one and I'm certain my daughter will love it too. It's beautiful! Thanks Vlad! You are so talented; yours are the *only* wallpapers I use!

Suzana 11 máj 2009
So lovely and feminine; would be so hard to pick only one, would have to use one every few days, then change to the next.

G 12 máj 2009
simply superb. I love the purple hue and the shape of the flowers.

pedrito 13 máj 2009
no me gusta, no hagas cosas tan apresuradas por favor.

Jason 14 máj 2009
Amazing! You are always the best!

Gretchen K Wingert 15 máj 2009
I love the violet bluebells wallpaper!!! I just switched to a Blackberry Curve 8330 and downloaded this for my phone, it's so soothing. Thank you very much for your wonderful creations!!!!!

qubra_turkey 18 máj 2009
oowww... good ;)

bubur 27 máj 2009
Fabuloso !

korean 17 júl 2009
색감이 참 좋네요~

TM 2 november 2009
I LOVE all of your artwork & photos!! (so does everyone I know who sees it!!) You make my days!! Keep up the good work!! or take a vacation, you deserve it!! :)

Mary 23 júl 2013
Your artwork is simply beautiful! Love them all.

VladFan 11 máj 2009
Very Pretty - I like all the color combinations, especially the green with the blue bluebells. :D VladFan

dims 11 máj 2009
you call this simple?? I say this is outstanding. very atmospheric and just beautiful, like megan said. one has to possess an exceptional feel of composition and talent to create such pieces. thanx and congratulations, Vlad. p.s. i think this color variation is the most harmonious one

Vlad Gerasimov 11 máj 2009
Thank you very much :-) :-) :-)

Jynrya 11 máj 2009
The purple and blue ones are my favorite. All of them are done so well! ^__^

ggnn 11 máj 2009
I instantly fell in love with this one and I'm certain my daughter will love it too. It's beautiful! Thanks Vlad! You are so talented; yours are the *only* wallpapers I use!

tamalita 11 máj 2009
oh this is beautiful! the colors are wonderful. love it! thank you :)

Ola 13 máj 2009
Greetings from Poland Mr Vlad :) Nice colours

Chinmoy 13 máj 2009
I like it...

Katherine Appleby 14 máj 2009
I love these so much! Am using the green variation at the moment - nice and relaxing. It's like I have a garden growing in my computer! :) THANKYOU!

Caline 16 máj 2009
This series is beautiful!!

Yu-Bo LIU 16 máj 2009
Amazing! Want to see how you create this inPhotoshop

Ola 12 jún 2009
Oh my. Vald, it's magificent. I haven't visit your site for such a long time. And now I see heaps of masterpieces. Great job!

mi 24 september 2009

nena 14 február 2010
I like this imagen (no se ingles)

Thainá 31 október 2012
Perfect!! Loved

Antonina Dyuk 10 november 2016
Simple and excellent! Cool colors Vlad!

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