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Christmas Bag

Christmas Bag

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Komentáre {47}

Lauren long ago
This one is freaking beautiful. :)

GEMIUX LLL long ago
Esta lindísimo Vlad!!! Muy tierno, toca mi corazón! Saludos desde Puebla, México!!

Mikael long ago
So cool..... so amazing ... Love it :-) Thanx Vlad and greetings from Sweden :)

SkyMaster long ago
Very fun, one of my favorite!

Naiani long ago
I LOVE this one! Waiting for a chance to register, for the widescreen version.

zu long ago
jejeje gracioso!

bad guy long ago
its interesting !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! but more interesting is the thinking of guy who make it

이민우 long ago

Cherry long ago
Nice! Can't believe it's almost Christmas already

Moo long ago
Were these all created in Photoshop? I wish I had your skills...

Kaoro long ago
Your Christmas wallpapers are my absolute favorites on Vladstudio! This one is just amazing! Thank you!

Justin long ago
not sure what inspired you on this one. can you please explain?

Cynthia long ago
Oh My!!!! This is really beautiful! Well done! Like it a lot! Thanks Vlad!

Dave long ago
This is cool.

feng shaun long ago
oh my is really coming! Great wallpaper and I'm glad that EOS was one of the winners of the Oxygen contest :) I really love that wallpaper!

Igrok long ago
óæàñíàÿ ðàáîòà. íàâåðíîå, õóäøàÿ èç âñåõ âàøèõ ðàáîò. äåòåé òîëüêî ïóãàòü... ÷òî çà áîëåçíü ó ýòîãî ñóùåñòâà? õîäÿ÷èé íîâîãîäíèé ïðåçåðâàòèâ!!!

Alex Givens 1 december 2008
im sorry this is not one of my favorites...

jack 19 december 2008
wah gambarnya bagus tenan mas, aku seneng tenan, apalagi gratis!!!!!

Ruby 26 december 2008
My sis says this reminds her of Jack Skellington and I have to agree with her. Very cool and Merry Christmas!!!

19 december 2009
hello merry christmas

nan 29 november 2010
thank you!!

Vlad Gerasimov 4 december 2010
Banu: thank you very much :-)

Vedrana 20 december 2012
Well, I usually just use my own photos for my desktop, but this one I just HAD to download! It is so weird, unusual and fabulous that I just could not resist. Thank you for sharing your creativity with the world! :)

savita 19 december 2014
Wow.......... So nice

Jessica long ago
I love the fictional characteristics of the picture. Are the orange-red wave things on the bottom heat, or something else, like the wind.

Haz long ago
Vlad, does this tall guy have any Photoshop tutorials for us in his bag? ;)

flutterby long ago
Finally!!! Decent wallpaper!!! It was hard to choose which one to put up. So glad I found your site Vlad. I will definitely be using more of your work in other seasons.

boogaloo long ago
dark, yet cheerful. One of favorites.

friendofraj long ago

Ale long ago
How can I downlowd this to my mac?

chinese girl long ago
It's wonderful,Let me think of the movie《The Nightmare Before Christmas》

이민우: long ago
hi dude........................ great

Miheer long ago
cool stuff!

Jordo long ago
nice shadows...who left the door open and let all the wind in?

Ralph Hiesl long ago
You did it again! :D :D This picture made my day!! (And probably not only this one...) The style of your Santa reminds me of Tim Burton's figures. One of your best works ever. My wife just loves your snowmen :)

athena long ago
im just thinking what he have in his bag for me!?!?!?!?!:D

:D long ago
Mr. Hankey, the Christmas Poo!!!!! :D

feng shaun long ago
Vlad, congratulations that your EOS is now the default wallpaper for KDE4. I love that wallpaper and am so happy :D

carol_in_a long ago
I've always hated the horrible spoiling of Christmas with it's early brainwashing. But this is a thing I can look at even this early :D I love it. Though I am not going to download it at least till Christmas eve

Clark Fleischauer long ago
Great Xmas stuff Vlad. Thanks so much and have a great Holiday season!!!

lama 12 január 2008

Iwona 10 december 2008
Jakie piękne... Szukałam tej tapety chyba rok. Kiedyś ją zauważylam przegladając google ... i cały czas wraca:-) Niesamowite wyczucie koloru, obrazu, detali ... po prostu piękne!

Gor0n 16 apríl 2009
Great work, i love your style! Featured on

Banu Ozyyuvaci 4 december 2010
I have never seen so many great wallpapers altogether, fantastic, great talent... 20 usd is a bargain, definitely worth every penny

27 december 2010

KEERTHANA 16 december 2013

KEERTHANA 16 december 2013

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