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Windows 7 Alternative Default Wallpaper

Windows 7 Alternative Default Wallpaper

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Komentáre {44}

Jorjennia Jaushlin 26 apríl 2009
Beautiful work! I love your artistic genius!

Karl 27 apríl 2009
I quite dislike it. The fish seems a bit too... fat. And the texture looks more like brushed metal than scales. But anyway, that's good work, eh ;).

Illya Termeno 27 apríl 2009
Определенно наряднее, чем оригинал. Хорошая работа!

A1Elements 27 apríl 2009
And another new category, what's going on. :-?

Martin Stružský 27 apríl 2009
Wow, my favourite fish from the Finding Nemo movie on my desktop by my favourite wallpaper designer. 8-) Lovely as usual. ;-)

Michaela Basham 27 apríl 2009
I like this one better. The beta fish seemed kind of drab and lifeless, and you're right, it did seem too light. Your wallpaper is much more vibrant!

Vlad Gerasimov 27 apríl 2009
Justin Murray: I am not offended at all! Karl: I took your comment into consideration and made slight changes - fish is not so fat anymore, and background is not looking like metal. Thanks!

David I. 28 apríl 2009
I'm all for alternatives to Windows 7. ;-)

sergiom99 28 apríl 2009
Its amazing how M$ is copy-cating Linux look-and-feel even more release after release. would love to see an Ubuntu themed wallpaper. And a cow themed one! ;-) Keep up the good work Vlad!

Harro 29 apríl 2009
Maybe your should go apply at microsoft as wallpaper maker.. the guy they currently have for the job isn't doing as good as you ;)

Pete 29 apríl 2009
To me, the fish looks out of place. Some more shading maybe? Translucency? A blue sheen, reflecting the color of the water?

Mel 30 apríl 2009
Yours is WAY better!

pete 30 apríl 2009
beautiful nemo , but the fish has to be put more in the middle of the wall as the original . nonetheless on my desk right now :-)

Kevin 1 máj 2009
So, is this a subtle suggestion that Windows 7 (or Microsoft) is/are clown(s)? jk

Davidz 4 máj 2009
Great work! Looks so beautiful on my desktop.

BnY~ 6 máj 2009

Feng Wang 11 máj 2009
I love this one. I've always been liked to compare this one to the original MS wallpaper.

Aaron 22 máj 2009
Con su permiso, en mi blog ( he puesto un post diciendo lo mucho que me gustan tus fondos de pantalla. Espero que no sea molestia. He puesto un enlace, a ver si algun amigo pone este fondo que es tan bonito.

david cybulkiewicz 6 jún 2009
I love it, wish you had more like this my kids love them i change their pc backgrounds every week

sarah 23 október 2009

pankaj kumar 23 marec 2012

ZEKROM X 27 marec 2013
Nevím, co mám dělat.

Carl Willetts 26 apríl 2009
How good would it have been for Windows 7 to have included some of Vlad's wallpapers? At least my Windows 7 desktop will have Vlad's wallpaper and not the usual sterile slop from MS. Excellent work by the way!

Vlad Gerasimov 27 apríl 2009
Jorjennia, Carl, Karl: thanks for your honest opinions :-)

Lorena 27 apríl 2009
Beautiful!! Love nemo! jaja

Cheezwhiz 27 apríl 2009
What a coincidence. I just installed the Windows 7 Beta. Now I have the perfect replacement for the default wallpaper!

Bin Liu 27 apríl 2009
What about creating a series of wallpapers/clocks of this kind featuring different kinds of fish?

Justin Murray 27 apríl 2009
no offense vlad, but i prefer the original better.

Arthur Pustynin 27 apríl 2009
Очень приятная рыбка)

efand 28 apríl 2009
That's not as i expected...... the fish seems unreal

Vit Svarc 28 apríl 2009
You are my favourite wallpaper maker, Ubuntu is my favourite operating system. Please, can you make some wallpaper(s) with ubuntu theme?

Jaideep Nadkarni 28 apríl 2009
Its better than the real thing!

Barbara Kurzawska 28 apríl 2009
I think clown-fish fits better. Original wallpaper looks so.. so.. blurry (water is blue, fish is blue, I think it doesn't look good). Another wonderful work :) Thank you!

George Mariot 29 apríl 2009
It is beautiful !!! As always. Thanks

Suzana 29 apríl 2009
I like your clownfish, he can come over and play with the ones we have in our tank, maybe your next wallpaper you can give him a few clownfish pals and a nice sea anemone?

Cynthia 1 máj 2009
Well done Vlad! Did you come to Oz (Australia) after your trip to Kiwiland (N.Z.)? Clown fish lives in our Great Barrier Reef. Thanks a million.

Dan from Chicago 2 máj 2009
MUCH better! Ridiculously better than standard MS wallpapers. Keep it up, love it!

7 máj 2009

nupoor 15 máj 2009
i like u'r clown fish . in my tank there r only blue blue & blue...& d orange one died and so this will stay with me forever and ever and ever...........

fezighart 29 máj 2009
nice work ,maybe some more shades would go a long way

Carole 30 máj 2009
I haven't seen the other version yet, but I do love this one. Beautiful colors.

ruby 31 október 2009
is so awesonme,

baha 5 august 2010
항상 잘 쓰고 있어요~이쁜 화면이 참 많아요~~

oubeida 3 február 2015
جميلة جدًا

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