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Waiting For The Miracle

Waiting For The Miracle

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Komentáre {76}

NIRAJ long ago

scrouge long ago
polli kali

RePe long ago
Thank you from Hungary!

Lily long ago
I love this site!!!!

nanuca long ago

rach long ago
kool!! gives me a sense of peace, something this world needs more of.

vikas1307 long ago
it's really it

naveen long ago
VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS everyone from india.i was searching for christmas wallpapers i found the best here.nice work vlad

M long ago
lovely !

Mark long ago
one of my favorites

Thomas Filipczyk long ago
Oh yes, I truely like it!

ngocnhi_baby13 long ago
Cường chúc nhi một mùa giáng sinh vui vẻ bên gia đình và bạn bè

A.R.T [Autumn Rose Timblad] long ago
This wallpaper's amazing. But it looks like the miracle's already happened. Their all together, just watching, waiting..............................................fantastic.

Dave long ago
Too cool.

Anusha long ago
Hey !! U do real amazing Job....! I am a gr8888 fan of urs!!

Cynthia long ago
Great w/paper! Love it all! Sadly here in Oz Xmas is always HOT because it's summer! Would you please be so kind and do something of many of us who do not see any snow at all on Xmas??? Thanks heaps! Best wishes from Australia...

Kaoro long ago
Didn't think your Christmas wallpapers could get any better, but they did :). Beautiful!

Peter Brennan long ago
Simply Brilliant

Joan long ago
One of my all time favorites now. Love the colours and the simplicity of the scene is brilliant.

Iwan Roberts long ago
I'm just getting into the Christmas spirit and have just registered for the high quality images - the high quality version of this is now my seasonal wallpaper, it is mighty cool!

Caline long ago
Amazing!! I love it!!!!!

CatherinaBallerina long ago
Oh My Gosh, IT'S SNOWMAN!!!

Cat long ago
Beautiful - Now I am way in the Christmas Spirit! Thank You!

wty long ago
childlike innocence,very good!!!

::saathiyaana: 14 apríl 2008
very cool n cute..!!

Avensdesora 24 november 2008
As always, you rock! Thank you for the day's smile!

anne 6 december 2008
the colours r so calm & peace providing fantastic!!!!!!!!!!!

25 december 2008

Vlad Gerasimov 17 november 2009
kk: even if I wanted I could not embed a virus into JPG image.

marita 19 november 2009
muy bonito

ALO 8 december 2009
I love christmas i want it to come so fast but down hear in se it dosen't seem like christmas time but itsa great time of year i lov how they have this backgronds and other things so cool go on this website all the time sup and bye

17 december 2009
dajcie lepsze zdjecia pedały

mahmoud 23 december 2009
just wow :D

23 december 2009
merry xmas

Ariz 5 december 2010
Grax de verdad estan muy padres a mis hijas les encantaron

Lex 21 december 2010
thats cool.... thanks!!!

frog-cra-cra 16 september 2012
che bello questo albero e addirittura ci sono anche i pupazzi di neve

Janah 27 december 2012
Wow! I love it! Could you also make something with just the Christmas Tree. Because IT alone astonishes me! :D

lola long ago
wow thats so nice

friendofraj long ago

gizma long ago

bbcc_19 long ago

Katka long ago

Lee Eun Ha long ago
너무너무이뻐요`~~ 잘쓸께요^^

GwenGuin long ago
I am moved to tears by the innocence, love, and faith lighting the faces of the snowman. I think I just saw your spirit, and I like it very much. GwenGuin

Sof!a long ago
sono italiana... ma qui tutti scrivono in inglese, e quindi: AMAZING!!!! BELLISSIMI!!! =D

Carolina long ago
Excelente pagina...SOY fanatica..Gracias Vlad!!!

JeannineTx long ago
This is a very nice web site. I got it from a forum, your site was listed and I am glad I came. I downloaded one of your beautiful snow backgrounds.

Cường long ago
Cường chúc nhi một mùa giáng sinh vui vẻ bên bạn bè và gia đình

ana long ago
merry christmas

arpia long ago
Marry Christmas from Poland! yours wallpapers are beautifull! Great job!

Kareem Khazem long ago
I LOVE the aurora! Looks like it could have been done with a simple 'motion blur', but still very pretty!

Greg Conrad long ago
Thanx Vlad, Perfect!!!

athena long ago
the miracle will happend,im certainly sure!

Justin long ago
this one is alright...nothing spectacular

Moo long ago
I couldn't say it any better than Peter did. Amazing.

Jessica long ago
It reminds me of family gathering for Christmas. Love it!!!!!!!!! I have never used any wallpapers but yours. Thanx Vlad!!!

olivia long ago
its so cute

Ally long ago
Aww it's adorable!

Anish long ago
I salute u! Man. r u an alien or just a human being like me..

Irena long ago
This picture is so beautiful, I have no words...

** long ago

sungsik choi long ago
very good site

YummyMissy 14 november 2008
This one makes me want some hot cocoa!

shatakshi 6 december 2008
awesome! the christmas tree is so cute and so are the north pole lights.

Snowflake 17 december 2008
I love this wallpaper. Came across this same one on another website.

kk 17 november 2009
would love to keep some of these beautiful wallpapers but are they security safe i have gotten bad luck in other sites with virus present attatched to some smileys please advise me on ur safety? thanks!

Alex 4 december 2009
Wow! Super work. Just great

Nadya 10 december 2009
elo4ka gori!

mrs.claus 15 december 2009
thanks so much vlad for these backgrounds your my hero and merry christmas and a happy new year

Fantastic princess 20 december 2009
I like it

rosa 18 august 2010
i like this page! Is awesome! thanks for trade this :D

Mino0 19 december 2010
i like this site very mmmmmmmmmmuch tnxXxXxXx

mart 30 november 2011

sunshine bell 16 december 2012
Merry christmas from Texas! ! Was searching 4 pics/ wallpapers on christmas trees, & loved the site!! Nice :) happy new year 2013. God bless all the people in this world.

Х. Өнөржаргал 30 december 2012
сайн сайхныг хүсье

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