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Snail and Chameleon

Snail and Chameleon

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Komentáre {26}

Peter Brennan 5 máj 2008
Thankyou - simply amazing - the art and the imagination

Roberto Estrella 6 máj 2008
It's great. I'm a opensuse user and the suse logo is a chamaleon. I was looking for a wallpaper like this thanks.

Rit@ 6 máj 2008
ohh so beautifull and creative it's like the last one but with a nail!! I prefer this one because ladybugs... well I don't know.. Nails are different.. cool one. keep the good job! :)

Mark Allshouse 6 máj 2008
Very cool!

Tharapong Sangasilpa 6 máj 2008

gfx : mamoun 7 máj 2008

atefe 16 máj 2008

Ira 31 máj 2008
It's so cute!!!!!! Thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

BRENDITA 4 júl 2008

louise 21 júl 2008
i've forgot my email: thanks!

Martina 25 august 2008
Thank you it's so cute! It's great work you do! Respect!

The Piet 13 máj 2009
hey deine bilder sind fantastisch... immer weiter so... great job!

kaka 13 marec 2015
Ja szar

Callum Macdonald 5 máj 2008
another masterpiece

Rohit Channazhi 5 máj 2008
As always, outstanding work...

mpf 6 máj 2008
I can't put the two at same time in my desktop...

Lily 6 máj 2008
How prosh! I LOVE snails...:]

Rit@ 6 máj 2008
sorry but in my last comment i have wrote "nails" insted "SNAILS". Sorry again...

Cynthia (Au) 6 máj 2008
Great w/paper as always. Beautiful colors. Looks marvellous. Many thanks

Marija 9 máj 2008
Wow,wow,wow thank's for all beauty:chameleon,snail... :)

:: saathiyaana : 21 máj 2008
just outstanding..!!

1998 16 jún 2008
goooooooooood 100000000

S@sh0 6 júl 2008
Verrrry nice, I like those silly combinations!

Louise 21 júl 2008
Hi, i love this wallpaper, but i was wondering if i can use it on my blog? i'll be waiting for your answer

easyhumor 10 december 2008
I love the texture on the Chameleons, all three are terrific and I hope we see them again soon!

Nico 2 február 2010
My girlfriend loves pictures of snails in this type. Can you make on without the chameleon? She would love it.

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