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Komentáre {55}

نازن long ago
great....عالی است

Pat long ago
as ana said....i love it!

anon long ago
love the shiny/polished quality on the two :-)

an long ago
so cute ;-)

Jaideep long ago
Colour scheme suits Windows XP blue theme and image is undeniably refreshing to the spirit. (Y)

Emina long ago
Great. Simply great.

meliss long ago

Mariana long ago
Simplesmente LINDO e PERFEITO!!! . Mostra o amor entre pai e filha. Parabéns!!! Salvador/Bahia - Brasil

data_smith long ago
âëàä, áåçóïðå÷íûå îáîè! ýòî ÿ è ìîÿ äóíü÷à íà êàðòèíêå? (:

why you wanna to know? long ago
sup this looks exactly like my bffs brother....... :-S hes really mean and too freaky to b true

Nicko long ago

Oliver long ago
I love it, very cute ;-)

c long ago
k roberts is a douche bag (N)

mike long ago

daisy long ago
love it, absolutely love it. great work. (L)

TomCZ long ago
Really good wallpaper, fine job :-)

kaven long ago
really a very good job..^^

Philm long ago
I love this one. Not only this one. All my computers have a Vlad background. Always different. Thanks a lot.

eat spam long ago
that is just too cute. =D

brave heart long ago
Well down! (Y)

Ekando long ago
Very Cute (L)

Matt long ago
Finally... Thank you!!

Matt long ago
Real good wallpater

r4dt 5 február 2008
thanks, vlad!

Rob 18 marec 2008
I love this one so much! It reminds me of my daughter and me.

katrinne 29 september 2008
love it...! it looks me and my dad!! thanks vlad =)

Sandra Gonzalez 6 január 2011
When you get the chance, would you make a version with two girls? May be one 2 years old and the other 6 year old? I used to publish this wallpaper but now I have one more daughter. :) Thanks in advance

Mehdi 5 január 2017
Your works are lovely.

muniba long ago
Thats the first time I accidentally bumped into ur site. I am truly impressed by the creativity and ideas u have portrayed in ur wall papers (Y) &... if this is low quality then i wonder what would be best?

Rebecca long ago
Is this image available as a poster/print? I didn't see it in the store.

ana long ago
just.. perfect!

emrah long ago
only interesting

thinface long ago
Fantastic! :-) I'd love a 1440 x 900 though.

marek.lobotka long ago
that's the most charming wallpaper I have ever seen

orlando long ago
thank you!! I like it .an~~~

maimai long ago
feeling warm,when meet that child

vitupea long ago
kuule. see on jama. korista ära, munn

Jennifer long ago
Está lindo!

chipset long ago
love it, absolutely love it.

bit lopinda long ago
Äà, óëåòíî, íå â ïàäëó è çàïëàòèòü ))

Ivan long ago
i was just thimking i wanted another one of the "the two" and this is really like them. it´ll be my wallpaper... i just wnat another of space now

Just Marco long ago
it's cool one and i dont know wut to say (Y)

Koekto long ago
Hehe, that's a funny guy... And I like that blurred reflection! ;-)

Alycia long ago
This is sweet. The title tied it together well for me.

diane long ago
i like this

kali long ago
it is sooooooo cuuuuteee

j long ago

Snowbunny long ago
I love this one (L) (L)! I'm going to be visiting your site often :)

Jose Daniel long ago
Finally! "The Two" have faces ;)

Serg!!! long ago
Вери, вери куль 6)))!

Rit@ 15 máj 2008
MY dad says that i'm the little girl and he is the proud guy....:):O

Grace 4 máj 2009
This one is adorable!

20 február 2010
ma bf likes this one! so i'll keep it forever!

arven 17 február 2011
This picture is about my younger daughter and her grandpa! :)

6 október 2011
in Italy his name is bombolo

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