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Komentáre 53

tiankongzhu · long ago

Jenn · long ago
Forget linux. Add a BSD daemon instead :). Just kidding I like it just the way you decided it should be.

connie · long ago
(Y)(Y)(Y)(Y)(Y)(Y)(Y)(Y)(Y)(Y)(Y)(Y)(Y) good idea

keanu (mac user) · long ago
i can describe this just in one word: funcoolprettyfantasticbeautifulgeniouscreative and....... MAC ! I (L) it

bb boi · long ago
your imagination is amazing!!!

Deni · long ago
i'm in love with your works...(your ideas and your fantasy are WoW )

Garnele · long ago
Yeah, you´re very cool, there are so many wallpapers here that I like! But this one I like best, till now ;-)

tambien · long ago
Õàõàõàõàõà!! Îòëè÷íàÿ òåìà! ñóïåð!

Grant · long ago
I'm a fork.

muhammad ali · long ago

sup191 · long ago
OMG! That made me LOL in real life. :) Awesome job!

Câline · long ago

Christina · long ago
Your Ipod has legs? Wow. I guess that's a Russian feature :-) I love your work!

Cynthia · long ago
Awesome!!! I just love it! I switch b'ween PCs and MACs everyday. Thanks heaps

Griever · long ago

Nilesh · long ago
Vlad, was wondering if there is any significance in the the PC, the Mac and the Comb being placed in that particular sequence. Cause one way I see it, is that there is much less hair on the Mac as compared to the PC.

sissy · long ago
you are great. i love my mac with your wallpaper. super cool.

Paul · long ago
Love it, love it, love it! (L)

Emily · long ago
Are you implying that Macs haven't seen a comb? This is really cute... I think the mouse should have ears, however. :-D

mkultra · 7 február 2008

Gregory Grubbs · 25 marec 2008
Love it! What ever happened to combworld? I have a small image stamped '' with portraits of combs in love, a sorrowful comb, young & old combs, and a pretty woman comb. I would love to update that for my larger 21st century monitors!

ghazal · 21 september 2008
what's your mean?! it's lovely vlad!

Christi · 6 február 2009
i dont get the joke

ania · 19 august 2010
ma che bello!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

magda · long ago
e' semplicemente MERAVIGLIOSO! (L)

RiCK-Itto · long ago
You are my Idol... And this incredible wallpaper you got an A+ (y) I'm a SUPER MAC FAN!!!! THANKS!!!!

hat · long ago
So pretty!!!!!

mary · long ago
umm..... thats pretty neat

zazgrol · long ago

elina · long ago
Ja rabotaju na MAC. Klasnaja kartinka !!!!!!!

Katie · long ago
that is so hott! And pretty funny too. Keep up the good work!

Sonic · long ago
haaa that's really funny :)))))))))) PAZZTALOM hehehe

Mariam · long ago
i really like this one ! genial

tambien · long ago
Hahahahahaha!!! Really good pic! Best!!

Grant · long ago
No wait, i'm a pixel! LOL

son · long ago

Luca · long ago
I like it but... Why you don't replace the comb whith a Linux User?

arash · long ago
it's so pretty just Vlaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad

somedude189 · long ago
Combs are so much more random.. it's funny!

oomu · long ago
I would love a third person instead of the comb a nice little pingouin "I'm linux" :)

Sneha Kochak · long ago
Kudos Vlad! Some of your wallpapers are so expressive of our time and place. LOL on the comb!

gdhgdh · long ago
So funny :)) I keep looking at it again and giggling - I'm a fork - non-sequitur and priceless :))

tweeky · long ago
totally coooooool

emma · long ago
haha this one's hilarious.........a comb?

Linuxero · long ago
Hey! And where is linux's user? Vlad, don't make me cry... :'(

yk · long ago
So cute!~

kacenka · long ago
I love CPU!

TillyG · 27 február 2008
This is just so beautiful! I love your smooth sense of humor :-D

Xavie · 1 apríl 2008
Haha!!! This is so funny!! I love it!! ;-) Great job, as usual. :-D

Shuffle Life · 5 apríl 2008
It makes me laugh every times I see it !!!

Nguyen Duy Linh · 19 november 2008
Mac is base on Linux-kernel.

katie · 21 november 2009
I like it because their all different things

Volpe · 7 november 2012
Ооо, вот она, наикрутейшая! (: Спасибо!

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