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Orchestra (Gold)

Orchestra (Gold)

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Komentáre {22}

Martin Stružský 20 marec 2008
Oh my God, three fascinating wallpapers at once :-) I like Orchestra (Gold) the most, but the others are also very nice ;-)

JessieG 20 marec 2008
I check the website everyday just for the fantastic wallpaper. Just love them!

Arina 21 marec 2008
Amazing! Bravo Moestro!

Suzana 21 marec 2008
As "classically" awesome as its green counterpart, another masterpiece!!! Bravo, Vlad~~!!!

Manjunath Pola 22 marec 2008
I love this website

marcus 23 marec 2008
Vlad, you did it again!!! I like this one the most. Grtz from Ostend,Belgium

hacthuythan 29 jún 2008
it's original. I love it

Vlad Gerasimov 22 október 2008
Loic Hesling: actually, I just published this format!

Harsh Gandhar 4 jún 2009
Another amazing creation! Love it!

a 3 november 2009

parisa 8 september 2013

Brittany Teunis 20 marec 2008
I thought I liked the green one more, but actually I love this one :).

Lakshmi 20 marec 2008
Creativity is your forte, vlad. Keep up the good work.

Alexandra 21 marec 2008
I recently discovered your work and I must say you have an unbelievable view on what's art suppose to mean!

Ludmila 21 marec 2008
More air !

Jaideep Nadkarni 22 marec 2008
Rhyme, Rhythm, and Rhapsody... All like an ode of a forgotten old poet. Enchanting....

Ampit 23 marec 2008
Cada día más sorprendente. Gracias

:: saathiyaana : 15 apríl 2008
this is the classic n masterpiece..!! goldy n gorgeous..indeed..!!

Loic Hesling 21 október 2008
I like to display your wallpaper on my 46" display, can we hope for a 1080p format (1920x1080) ?

Loic Hesling 5 november 2008
Thank you so much, no more cropped image !!

Moni 8 august 2009
I like it. I want this tree to grow in my garden. Yes. It's beautiful.

Mümin İmer 29 január 2010

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