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New Zealand Map

New Zealand Map

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Komentáre 18

Jaideep Nadkarni · 30 marec 2009
A very neat and cool wallpaper. I love the colours used in it. Do those flags represent places visited by you, Vlad? Or does it mean something else?

Serkan Gürkan · 30 marec 2009
I want to do this in the same. How do you show us?

Vlad Gerasimov · 30 marec 2009
Serkan Gürkan: sorry I did not understand what you mean. Morgan: thanks for the notice! I corrected these mistakes. Please refresh the page to see new image. Thanks!

Robert Marton · 30 marec 2009
I would really like a series of wallpapers just like this one, with all the other countries of the world :) I think it would be a hit success!! :D Any chance for this? Either way, it's a great wallpaper. Made me renew my subscription ;)

Theresa · 31 marec 2009
Colles Bild!!!

Weeeeeeee · 3 apríl 2009
That's me - i live in Wanganui!!

Jo · 3 apríl 2009
Oh and please turn this into a clock!!

Alexei Medvedev · 11 máj 2009
а я бы с радостью поставил себе обои Pоссии :)

Ivo Dojchev · 3 január 2010
I would be very pleased to see a tutorial about how you make maps like these.

sam · 10 máj 2012
i lvu u

Vlad Gerasimov · 30 marec 2009
Jaideep: thank you! Well, almost. These are simply largest towns of NZ, and I indeed visited most of them in South Island, and some more in North Island.

Morgan · 30 marec 2009
Thanks for this very attractive map of my country. A few comments though: - Mt. Egmont is now officially known by its original Maori name of Mt. Taranaki - 'Tauganra' is actually spelled 'Tauranga' - You have a flag at Taupo (just above the lake) but haven't put the name with it Hope you enjoyed your stay down here! Did you go the Bay of Islands?

Vlad Gerasimov · 30 marec 2009
Robert Marton: thank you very much :-) Thanks for the idea too, I'll keep it growing in me!

Yangshan Ruan · 31 marec 2009
It is great to hear you coming visit my country. Kia ora!

Mina · 1 apríl 2009
Fantastic wallpaper! I agree with Robert Marton and other countries would be fantastic, too. Maybe Australia :-) Great work!

Alice · 12 apríl 2009
Will you do the UK like this? That would be wonderful!! Esp. in time for St. George's day *waves a widdle flag*

Matt · 17 máj 2009
Masterton has a flag? where is New Plymouths? :) oh, and Palmerston North.... Great map....

nacho · 20 apríl 2012
es fea

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