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Micro Animals - Giraffe

Micro Animals - Giraffe

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Komentáre {35}

Abby long ago
this is amazing!! definitely one of my new favorites...although, pretty much all of your work is genius!

LG long ago
Just perfect!!! I was dying for other colours... I love green and yellow, and in fact your wallpaper "Where smiles are born" has been a lot on my PC... Keep up the good work!!!

Eli long ago
This is awesome.

WillChin long ago

red444 long ago
shut it simon it very cute

Ludmila long ago
Is this magic?

Gilbertc'', long ago
Where The heck are you getting all these ideas.....Vlad.....I really really loooooooooooveeeeeeeeeeeee my idol!

Louis long ago
hey vlad, i just started using photoshop and your tutorials has been great fun. I really dig these animals! keep up the great work!

Jennifer Gruber long ago

shay long ago
simply adorable!! i would love to see a tortoise one :) ...if possible ;)

MAP long ago
Simple, clean and fun.

VAMomhc 19 február 2008
I'm a fan of your wallpapers, and my two year old daughter loves them too, especially the ones with animals in them. The giraffe is her favorite one.

:: saathiyaana : 16 apríl 2008
very charming..!! one suggestion: if possible...plz creat all your these micro animals on one wallpaper as making parade..!!.i.e:your giraffe,horse,elephant..they looks so innocent on the screen..!!

cindy 2 september 2009
so cute

Jank Jankins 29 október 2009
I like how the Giraffe just sits there

$$$$$ 16 marec 2010
:):)<3 :P :D =)

Câline long ago
A turtle!! Aturtle would be amazing!!

derya long ago
this brilliant wallpaper brought fresh air to my boring office!

A long ago
fantastic sweet micro giraffe! =))

Andziulka long ago
This is fantastic!!!

Pedro long ago
real cool

Pedro long ago
pretty cool..

ribbot long ago
make a panda or a penguin if you can thnx

Bea long ago
Vlad you are the best!, I just love them! Hopefully you get a chance to draw a microcow :-)

feng shaun long ago
wow...quite impressive!

coyote long ago
Sooo cute! I love the innocent look on the giraffe's face :)

murphy long ago
Great. Thanks for new stuff. Using it after halloween ;)

Jaideep long ago

dave long ago
This is cool.

elena 1 apríl 2008

:: saathiyaana : 15 apríl 2008
nice tribute to your fav !?! giraffe..!! p.s:giraffe is also my fav..!! thank you..!! 15,apr'08

nkate 26 január 2009
great and adorible

leo 28 október 2009
bom muito ben gostei dos wallpaper*-*

joséphine 7 marec 2010
c trop chou <3

mr.cho 25 november 2011

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