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Micro Animals - Elephant

Micro Animals - Elephant

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Komentáre {43}

Velimir Saban long ago
Well done!

kenzo long ago
i love it, thanks!

Câline long ago
Beautiful elephant!! What about a supercute turtle?

carly long ago
i love these new mini animal cute!!

A long ago
=')) soooo cute ...

Amelie long ago
Vlad, you're great. I have all your wallpapers in a special folder :P...Just want to tell you, I like your work, its more than great. Keep it like this :*

LIDAN long ago
I love it too !!!!!!!!

Lady long ago
Bravo !

mels long ago
Awesome ! Is there any chance that one of the next features is a tortoise ? I would definitely love that :)

Steve Lockhart long ago
Very nice.

asa long ago
padrisimos muy originales me encantan.... saludos desde monterrey mexico

Moo long ago
awwwww so cute!!!! :)

Rhiannon long ago
Very cute! I'd love to see a micro-cat version!

long ago

Gianluca Mariani long ago
COOOOL! Your wallpaper is fantastic! Can I ask you a image with penguins?!? Thanks!

Regiomontano long ago
Muy bonitos si, pero no como para pagar. Lo siento.

Sebastian long ago
Can't see it on the tutorials page, but could you do a small kitten? :D Would be awesome!

Natasha 5 január 2008
I loooove it! Супер =)

smsmaiah 24 február 2008
i like it

Kayla 1 september 2008
elephants are my favorite animals and this pic is so cute :]

IqbaL 30 september 2008
Thank's 4 the Add.. AMAZING!!

sukhvinder singh 2 máj 2011
very cute

birol long ago
perfect !! your idea, theory, practice, background, style of elephantchik, everythings perfect, thanks !!

ribbot long ago
can u make a panda...please

pete long ago
one of your best - a masterpiece !

where long ago
lovely elephant~

Oscar long ago
Beautiful ephelant jejeejejeje it's a nice work. :)

Mastan long ago
its beautiful

apple long ago
so good ! i love your work

jack long ago
it so good .woo!~

Steve long ago
Could we have a wallpaper with all of the Micro Animals together when you have done all those you want to do? My daughter simply adores them, I love their innocence and simplicity! Thanks

Mohammed Korashy long ago
Very nice

SAV long ago
I really love this one!

estherka long ago
simply adorable

Evelyn long ago
Cute lttle elephant :)

Jaideep long ago
So sweet. I love it's innocence in simplicity.

Ruby long ago
I just love this series. My little ones like the different animals and love seeing them on my screensaver and desktop. Great work!!!!

Ell&Daiv :) long ago
Wonderful idea! May we ask you to create same wallpaper with a cow? moooooooooooooooooooooo :D So we can complete our collection of avatars made from your wallpapers :) thx

Justin long ago
Sebastian - he never said there was a tutorial on it. he said the drawing technique was similar to his previous wallpaper - meaning the Missing Piece wallpaper - and there is a tutorial for that.

me 29 marec 2008

:: saathiyaana : 15 apríl 2008
very charming..!! one suggestion: if possible...plz creat all your these micro animals on one wallpaper as making parade..!!.i.e:your giraffe,horse,elephant..they looks so innocent on the screen..!! :15,apr'08:

Hannah 5 máj 2011
love it

Jan Barta 14 november 2012
Perfect.. thank you

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