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Komentáre {35}

Cynthia long ago
Just love it! Thanks again for sharing your wonderful work. (Y) (Y)

Câline long ago
Love microbes from now and ever!

XV long ago
'clean your hands before eat' i agree with the tagline Microbes :-D

Arthur long ago
Very nice...they like so happy..too a desease..huahauaua.. thanks!

bob long ago
i agree with jonah and joe it is shit

oli cross long ago
u geek its a shit picture

mitra long ago

Ienzo long ago
Nice Work :-D

emma long ago
I agree with kacenka - they look really sweet! but its an odd thought that they are on our skin..... (Y)

ARASH long ago

mostafa long ago
nice YANIII vay cherkolak

chusss long ago
i was looking for so long for such kind of art.. just perfect

douglas long ago
On your skin Emma... not on mine. Vlad cool innovative work. We Are All One.

rob 7 január 2008
cool, but i wouldn't use it for my desktop...

Irusik 27 apríl 2008
I like microbes, because it's my scientific work =)

****** 14 jún 2008
those microbes are very cute ;)

Amy 15 júl 2008
Aww, this is exactly why I became a microbiologist!

Benjamin Stabley 29 november 2008
this is one of my favorites, if not my most favorite!

Devan 27 október 2009
I am taking a microbiology this quarter and this is perfect! Love it!

Shay 14 december 2011
They're cute, haha! =)

clouze ixam long ago
it's so cuteee... hehehee!!! Love the artwork... It looks like dirty microbes... prefer; cleaner & playful!!!

N.I.K long ago
i have to know where do you get your ideas from ?????? perfect :-)

Emily long ago
Wow....They're so cooooool!!!:-)(L)

jonah long ago
its shit and bloddy crap

joe long ago
i agree with jonha

bob long ago
jonah joe and i are relry sorry We think it is a very good pic and will wash are hands all the time from now on.

Jen* long ago
They're so CUTE!!

kacenka long ago
Vlad, you made them look so kind and harmless - no washing hands from now on ;-)

MaGaLy long ago
VeRy NiCe (Y)

Riverspirit long ago
omg this is so cool. i loved it soon as it loaded on my browser! ty for sharing your work. ;-)

sajjad long ago
eyval dele harchi cherke hal avordi vlad. i love you becuas you like as me.....chakhan kardam baba....

Matt long ago
Hey vlad sorry I haven't hade the leisure to post lately, very busy. So I was finally able to get on and i saw this new one and your other one "Digg it" I must say both are brilliant but I like "Digg it" better becuase in all it's simplicity, it's me. I am always up late at browsing the most interesting news and such. Thank you so much for your art vlad, I find it often changes my perception of certain things around me, or even within me....

lord ransom 25 jún 2008
i find the dragon haberdi is best use for this kind of microbe i once speced it what a own the silly noob!!!!!!! =]

Elizabeth 10 jún 2009
htey look sooooo cute and harmless.! im woundering if i could give you ideas cu i bet its hard to think of things like this?

maybe 17 október 2011
This is absolutely adorable! :D

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