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Light and dark

Light and dark

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Komentáre 31

· long ago
красиво! немного похоже на мою картинку про гной, помнишь?

nazanin · long ago

vitupea · long ago
mui pueeno, persevest. see on mul taustapildiks nyyd!

GZ · long ago
Very cool! I love it!!!

Epit59 · long ago
Expectacular trabajo...muy bueno!!! Expectacular I work ... very good!!!

em · long ago
really cool nd creative :-). i like it.

Will · long ago
Cool, but i didnt know light bulbs had shadows :) Discovered this wallpaper by using the Companion tool... good stuff :)

Ali Reza · long ago
Very light!!!

rami · long ago
nice contradiction (Y)

lisa · long ago

mushroom · long ago
hah! finally I find one of my old comments! (as eatspam) This is one of your wallpapers that remained on my desktop for FOREVER! (the other two being flame and the paris doorknobs)

Monika · long ago
O,my Goood!it's THE BEST

Vlad Gerasimov · long ago
Lethe - thanks, I fixed it to 1600x1200

alexis · 10 máj 2008
wow... nice job

tita · 6 február 2010

M.ª Helena Cramês · long ago
No widescreen?

tußa · long ago
very nice

bluhappiness · long ago
so cooool!! lighttastic!!

rj · long ago
nice 1. . .

dydy · long ago

GREAT! · long ago
this is definitely one of the best i've seen.. (Y) Bravo, Vlad... Bravo!

Ibrahim (Baku) · long ago

Ganesh · long ago
yes please

eatspam · long ago
cool! creative!

Jaideep · long ago
Could we have the same one in beautiful deep blue?

Katerina · long ago
I love the lightbulds it s the gratest (I am an electrical engineer and I have it on all my PCs) thanks

charlie · long ago
Not to be vulgar or anything, but you should make some lightbulb sperm (or is that what these are)

Can · long ago
best wallpaper here

Lethe · long ago
The resolution is 3200x2400. Good work (Y)

aydin · long ago
best wallpaper here_thanks

Rit@ · 10 máj 2008
well.. it's original

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