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Komentáre {44}

billtt 17 október 2008
This is so cool!

Mak Mann 18 október 2008

Câline 18 október 2008
I love this one!!!! Amazing!!!

Kevin Tomasic 18 október 2008
Have you ever had the feeling you were being watched?

Marcus 18 október 2008
Great work

Oziel 18 október 2008
I love your work. Thx Vlad... Thank U so much

Andy 18 október 2008
Thank you !

Juliet (Where's Romeo?) 18 október 2008
woooow! cool.. i love those colors

Suzana 18 október 2008
Such neat little ghosts they are, nicely pleated and no wrinkles!!! LOL. Really cute, too. :)

A1Elements 19 október 2008
Ahhhh, TNX GOD. Vlad is back. :D Another amazing wallpaper. Tnx

Andrea Knaus 19 október 2008
I'm shocked, very coooool :-)

Katty 19 október 2008
I like it very much. Thank you :)

Moo 20 október 2008
Love it! I had your pumpkin/trees one as my halloweeny desktop last year, I think this one might replace it now! thanks!

someone. 20 október 2008
nice (:

ClioMoon 20 október 2008
Joyous! You're a very gifted artist... any chance we could get this one in a spooky blue?

Nilesh Joshi 20 október 2008
This one's great. I have one suggestion though, one in a midnight blue background would be nice

Anastasia 20 október 2008
GREAT!!!!! I'm out of words!!!

Alkahest 22 október 2008
Spoooooooooky! xD

Mina 27 október 2008
I have this up on my computer now. Freaks me out every time I close a window!

eli qnd hadis 10 júl 2011
it's great: thanks

algendra 29 apríl 2012
so scary

Edward 28 október 2013
Cute ghost

Brandon 17 október 2008
Great! Love the blur! Amazing as usual. Thanks

Shan 17 október 2008
awesome bokeh :D Great work, well done!

Johnson 18 október 2008
Awesome...great job !!!

Chad 18 október 2008
Oh scary!

ojler 18 október 2008

Jessica 18 október 2008
Just in time for Halloween!!!

Kinyar 18 október 2008

leti 18 október 2008
Cool!!! Thnks Vlad! :)

Liz 19 október 2008
I love it! : D

caspar 19 október 2008
havnt been on the site for ages but it is still amazingly cool way to go vlad! I also have an idea for a wallpaper clock for this you could make the hours in the front ghosts left eye and the minutes in the right. Anyway cool thing and keep goin you are amazing!

DAWGGY 19 október 2008
Cool, DAWG! yo awesome!

Jan Kaltoun 20 október 2008
Well done! Another piece representing your simply incredible skills.

McDeb 20 október 2008
Love it!

Sravz 20 október 2008
i luv this.. its an intelligent abstract... awesome work...!

Scott 20 október 2008

Spirit 20 október 2008
Я слева

bluekatamari 21 október 2008
you do great backgrounds

hninn ommar naing 25 október 2008
sooooooo cute

Feng Wang 29 október 2008
I like this one better than the blue version ;-)

18 október 2011

Joshua Hammontree 4 október 2012
What happened to the blue version of this?

Brisk 15 jún 2015
There had been these amazing ghosts in blue! Where are they? :((((

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