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Day And Night

Day And Night

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Komentáre {82}

Deb long ago

Korean long ago
Jolly Good ~ :-O

Mario long ago
This piece is masterfully done. Your work is the best I've seen......period.

Spike long ago
Hola Muy Muy BUENO, Lo mejor el wallpapers, saludos desde CHILE

Doc long ago

Kilhor long ago
Awesome! Can you have it in 1400x 1050 which is a resolution of many recent IBM ThinPads ?

Terdog long ago
Awesome! This is the BEST place on the net to grab wallpapers, no where else even comes close!

resographics long ago
Hi the very best Site in the NET for Wallpapers and Graphics !

Dhiraj long ago
Something look new from others.(Y)

long ago
Ïðîñòî íåò ñëîâ!!!

Ragen-Dragon long ago
I do a lot of art myself and your work just makes me want to do more. Its funny the similarities I see in some of our art (even stuff I did 5 years ago.). Keep up the great work and thanks for the Inspiration.

xiaodouban long ago
very cool!

武家二郎 long ago
haha, i am glad to see the city which i am living in in east China is brighting in night. perfect work. thank you!

Sonny long ago
maan hold up this is sick web to get this paper. ill will

prayag joshi long ago
hey?? yr all wallpapers nice...its really waonderfull.....u knw? have no words 4 telling u how can i explain u how muc i like yr all pics. (Y) (L) (L) :-)

a.a.a.a long ago
girl you rock out loud and i wish that i can see with you

Dennis Robert Stöhr long ago
Very nice!!

Dhiraj long ago
Something look new from others.

Jose Daniel long ago
Wow Vlad... excellent! (y)

John long ago
Just wondering how would I be-able to get a copy of a really high res version so I can make it into a poster for my room... FYI I am a lifetime member thanks Vlad

Baphomet long ago
O_o holy sh*t

wulan ^_^ long ago
"out there" wallpapers. i love most of them except this one; i love it the MOST! (L) (L)

Ben long ago
Is it me or the sun and the moon are different in some resolution? long ago
One of your best works, really !

Ben long ago
Is the 1600x1200 png the highest resolution we can get, or there's a way to get an even higher resolution version? Because this one is definitly going on my wall... :-)

crota long ago
I love your artwork very much!!!:-)

ZEUS long ago

Vlad Gerasimov long ago
Ian: sure, no problem! Added 1680x1050 and 1440x900.

Maryam long ago
I like your idea of bring night and day light all together--connecting them! One more thing to finish it off, i really enjoy reading ppl's comment! Some are just funny... you could create a FORUM...please do.. ill be the first to sign up! : )

Pfennig long ago
Superb,Vlad (Y) (Y) (Y)

MAREK&ZUZU long ago
FANTASTIC!!! [je to super] >>greetings from Slovakia<< :-) :-D :-)

Josh long ago
Vlad, great job, I love this stuff - I have lots of your stuff in a random desktop changer, it's grea!

jonny sqee long ago
kick ass!!!!!:-p long ago
Since 4 weeks my PC-Background! GREAT!!!

cheetos 9 január 2008
thanx for u nice wallpapers

Marija 1 marec 2008

123456 2 marec 2008
its nice to see beautiful view.

Jo 20 apríl 2008
Am in NZ and far from most of rest of the world.......I am trying to work out what time of the day it is dark for me and dark for mid Europe - but having said that - srill awesome picture - love it!!!

Niggerfaggot 24 december 2009
Toblash ty fasthor ;-)

Tony 16 január 2012
I just like to share awesome stuff and this is on top of the list thank qu...

smarties long ago
awesome stuff man... :P

Gaëll long ago
magnifique... c'est un de mes préférés !!!!

Megan long ago
wow this was a great piece....i love how the colors complement eachother....but i have a question; do you paint these or create them on a computer? or something else? becuase they are VERY excellent! Great job!!!! :-)

James long ago
wallpaper riquíssimo em criatividade e cores. Parabéns!!(y) ;-) Bahia/Brazil

amir khosro long ago

Barb long ago
Would love to see this added to your ecard selection. Love it.

Aubry long ago
Interesting & inspiring :-o

rohini long ago
Vlad this is so cool i wish i had it hanging on my wall. It seems so realistic.(y)

Tina long ago
Best for couples that are not together temperarily

wawa long ago
the wallpeper is cool....i like it!!!

Tahmina long ago
i like this very much and now its my desktop background

Tatjana long ago

AmourMaid long ago
It suits my scrren and all the icons very well ! Thank you for the pic (L)

saz long ago
this is so kl, but if there was a softer transition that would look even better, and you are totally capable of it!

buy cialis long ago
Bhgggrrrr :) Just great!

saurabh long ago
This is an idea whose time has come. Though the world map can be a bit larger.

saveen long ago
Wow.... I love it. the mind behind this creation needs ovation.

Anton long ago

Andrey long ago
Very gooooddd!

n3wuni long ago
nice one

Rodman long ago
THE artistic conception is so good! Quiet an excellent job! (Y)


Ade long ago
Awesome! I love the colors together!

Burn long ago
The best!(Y)

Vlad Gerasimov long ago
Ben - please email me to so that I can reply you back. Thanks.

Belinda long ago
Vlad, i wouldnt mind having that pic hanging on my wall...I love it!

Jhoy long ago
Cool combo. (Y)

Ian long ago
Awesome -- thanks so much! :-D :-D

Ian long ago
Any chance of getting this in 1680x1050?

Alycia long ago
Very original way to portray the two opposites. (Y)

Shadowchaser long ago
(Y)This is an absolute masterpiece!(Y) This one and 'They stole the moon' are the wallpapers I keep using the most. The best! Really

SeVeN long ago
Very nice stuff(Y)(L):-D

Josh long ago
Vlad, great job, I love this stuff - I have lots of your stuff in a random desktop changer, it's grea!

Jaideep long ago
Gulp! Yet another masterpiece!!! (L)

ASSAYER long ago
I see the light :P

Danni long ago
Professianally done.. Hello from Belarus(!)..^):-P

Babu 10 január 2008
Wow. Excellent Wallpaper.Superb.

Parag 30 január 2008
Zakaas really good.

Mike G 16 marec 2008
One of my all time favorites!

Jim 28 august 2008
Es el mejor wallpaper que he visto, me encanta este tipo de arte.

Jiri Svoboda 11 august 2009
Wow! Now I know why I had a deja vu feeling when seeing that eye bank ad :)

taya 13 marec 2013
Aaaa super

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