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A Cheshire Kitten (Christmas)

A Cheshire Kitten (Christmas)

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Komentáre 39

fengshaun · 15 november 2010
It's really really nice, thanks a lot!

mohammad · 15 november 2010
i like it, tanx vlad

Eddie Hollen · 15 november 2010
Hey Vlad, could we get this wallpaper without the cat?

Amaia · 15 november 2010
Great job! Very "icy" :). As Mariya said, you're very welcome to visit Spain with your family! You really deserve the money! xxx

Alexandr Ryzkov · 16 november 2010
Нет слов! Супер!!!

tamalita · 16 november 2010
awww so cute! love it :)

Rowha · 17 november 2010
Classy! ;)

Vlad Gerasimov · 17 november 2010
Mariya K-W, Martin Trojan: ahaha! Thanks so much :-)

Jean L Edwards · 20 november 2010
How do you get the image onto the iPhone????

fireRishi · 21 november 2010
very nice. need "star wars inspired art.

Corvi · 27 november 2010
Love da snow kitty, thank you.

· 5 december 2010
nejvíc pěkný...

Logoman · 8 december 2010
Really nice ! I love it ! Could you do the same with the cat disappearing ? Or maybe the cat is too frozen to disappear ! Thanks anyway !

patricia schnably · 18 december 2010
Hi, I love the Chesshire Cat. Can you tell me how to download it to my iphone? Thanks a lot.

Bobby · 2 január 2011
it is soooooooo cool,cute,heart warmingly amazing

negin · 3 marec 2011
is awesome tanx

norma · 24 júl 2011
muy lindos

Belle · 12 august 2011
How cute! hey, have you thought of making parrot wallpapers??? actually, any sort of brightly colored bird would work for me.;)

taniya · 10 december 2011
love vlads pics :)

Cat B. · 13 február 2012
Vlad Gerasimov....I want to comment on each and every picture on your site. But I simply can't. So please take this one little comment for ALL. I am completely in love with your art. WOW! They are refreshing and beautiful in so many ways. From a new admirer straight out of the heart of Africa. Cat...*** xxxOOxxx

Steve Gosselin · 15 november 2010
Nice! ^^

Kelcey · 15 november 2010
This is brilliant Vlad! Incidentally, the 26th November will be the 145th anniversary of the date Alice in Wonderland was first published. Worth celebrating, don't you think;)

Mariya K-W · 15 november 2010
LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT! The subscription to your work is the best spent money ever in my life! Vlad, if you and your family ever visit Bulgaria, you simply MUST let me know! I would love to meet you and have a coffee with you guys; you have a special talent and special way of looking at the world, which is so precious! All the best, as usual! :) Mariya

lola · 17 november 2010
love cat

Martin Trojan · 17 november 2010
Well, since this looks like an invitation page Vlad, you are welcome to spend some time with our folks and friends in Slovakia too :-)

Vida Hernaus · 18 november 2010
fantastic! :)

Netspace · 21 november 2010
I love this cat!!!!

Vit Svarc · 21 november 2010
You are welcomed in Czech Republic too :)

Cristy G. · 1 december 2010
He is just the right combo of crazed and cute! He has become the wallpaper for my android phone :) Thanks for another great one.

oleg · 14 december 2010
kot s siskami?

Im :-) · 17 december 2010
love it :) but would it be possible to also do one with just the tree?

Bobby · 31 december 2010
its sooooooooo sweet please make more cute furry animals

tanu · 3 február 2011
thinks, it's realy very nice

Therion · 11 marec 2011
Mam z Tebe oci na vrch hlavy!!!

· 31 júl 2011
a ver si me llamassss

Mollie · 8 september 2011
I always use the Cheshire kitten ones! They are all so charming :)

ali · 9 november 2011
ooooffffff cool frnd................

Vlad Gerasimov · 14 február 2012
Cat B.: thanks, I do appreciate your comment :-)

Linda · 24 december 2014
Love the Christmas cat. Have the halloween one. Can you do a spring one

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