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An Old Castle

An Old Castle

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Komentáre 59

rty · long ago
your right Agi it is a step back in time

Cynthia · long ago
WOW! terrible impress with this one. Looks magical. How long before you'll start doing animations may I ask? Loving your work. Thanks heaps for sharing with the rest of us. ;-)

son · long ago

nikon · long ago
I'm from Czech Republic.This is great!

sameer · long ago
simply fantabulous

panky · long ago

rty · long ago
nice work dude :)

Agi · long ago
Thanks a lot. I enjoy it everytime to select your internet side. It so many fun to see this pictures. Its a step back in the time when i was a child. P LEASE never stop to create more.

destiny · long ago
this is my favourite one. so beutiful and mistical, optimistical and dark at the same time... great!

puenguinlady · long ago
it is awsome i realy like it!!!!!!

RADBABE · long ago

Becky · long ago
I loved it. It really gives an emotional and wonderfully dark touch to it. Dont you think. Anyway love it and this site is really interesting

ehsan · long ago
kheili khare

bluhappiness · long ago
thats so!!

Shelley · long ago
Vlad, your work is amazing!!!!! I'm in awe!

Marcus · long ago
(Y) Where is Harry ? Which Harry ? Harry Potter off course ! Thx again Vlad it's just great for everyone's imagination and I think that is your house, because Wizzards live in a castle and you are the Great Wizzard of Wallpapers. Greatings from Ostend in Belgium. :-) ps: Can you do one of Formula One Racing, I would like that.;-)

LucasDT · long ago
With a little purple-blue background wold be nicer I think... a more gothic-dark look... something creepy... Still the castle is wonderful!! Gracias de nuevo!

MikkiTaro · long ago
magical...a Gothic fairy tale...if you haven't seen their movies already, you should definitely check out some of the films by Tim Burton & Hayao Miyazaki (Y)

Moo · long ago
I love it so much!! The castle pops in front of the stained-glass window sky.

Vlad Gerasimov · long ago
MikkiTaro - sure I have seen Tim Burton! I did not know Hayao Miyazak though - thanks!

Matt · long ago
Why thank you Vlad, just the other day i was thinking to myself "I want a wallpaper that has a castle in it" well what do ya know :-)

Paul · long ago
An eye-catcher.

emma · long ago
wow i love this one! (L)

Xy · long ago
It reminds me of Neuschwanstein.

fromgreece · long ago
Have you ever illustrated a book for kids? You really should do that.

L.I. · long ago
Shine! It'll be wonderful in deep blue..

panda wallpaper please? · long ago
(Y) great work Vlad.. hoping you could make a panda inspired wallpaper too.. like panda from china, i love pandas too... ;-)

mostafa · long ago
this is my home !!!??

ishita · 28 január 2008
its awesome

Rit@ · 28 apríl 2008
i don't like it it's too dark... sorry but it's my opinion :[

Lucas Santos · 1 júl 2013
Vlad, seus desenhos são perfeitos! Parabéns pelo seu grande dom!

i c a · long ago
This one's wicked!! (excuse the pun) :-D (I like the Panda idea too!! Even a Koala wud be kool!! ... how about something Australasian???)

Mohammed Korashy- from egypt · long ago
You made ahorrible castle lookslike anice home, I like it , Keep "Vlading" us.

Unknown · long ago
Awesome man!!! this is incredible!!! (Y) I (L) it. It's very cooooool ;-)

aydin · long ago
HEY you are amazing

connie · long ago
its great i just think a bit more dark colors would bring it out even better, still the art is great!! ;-)

rty · long ago
whats the spirls for (on all the roof things)? i still love the pic.;-)

mammut · long ago
Hey Vlad, nice work. Where the castle is located? It looks familiar :-)...

rty · long ago
vald how can you make great wallpapers like this... how long does it take to make a wallpapper? and child books are a good idea ( itll make you famose)

AKASH · long ago
in a word this site is wonderful !!!???

BillSalem · long ago
Wonderful! Your talent is indisputable. As someone here mentioned, your vision and sensibility is very suitable for animation. I, for one, would love to see what would happen if you made an animated film. So much talent. Thanks for sharing.

Leti · long ago

Lauren · long ago
This is gorgeous!

Martik · long ago
Vlad, it is wonderful!!!

Karin · long ago
I want to live in it....

ARASH · long ago

Kevin · long ago
That is awesome.

panda from china · long ago
Vlad could u make Panda wallpaper please!!

lietuvis · long ago
vlad, thank you for very beutiful wallpapers.

camellia · long ago
unique , beautiful and valuable wallpapers. good luck

lundi · long ago
huauuuu !!! asombroso !!! :-o

Debi · long ago
Love this, I allways love your work just the way it is!!! Be true to your art! Hayao Miyazaki and Studio Ghibli make wonderful films, Howl's Moving Castle, Spirited Away, Castle in the Sky, Nausicaä of the Valley of the Winds, Castle in the Sky are just a few Ive seen. My daughter introduced me to them. I also love Burton, I would like to see more like Nightmare before Christmas and Corpse Bride. Have you ever thought of doing an animation, I'd to see your characters in one, even a short. Much Love, Debi

Vlad Gerasimov · long ago
L.I: no it will not :-) I tried blue, did not like it. fromgreece: thanks! In fact, I've been planning somehing in that direction - check out vladstudio site often :-)

cucu sk · long ago
wonderful yours ideas are irreplceable and so deep... i like it!

kacenka · long ago
very nice, thanx!

Katerina · long ago
this is wonderful thanks a lot

Ариадна · 25 február 2008
Это чудесно!

from everyone · 17 apríl 2008
vlad could sucka dogs Dee I SEE

Esther T. · 2 október 2008
Another amazing piece of artwork - love it!

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