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Komentáre {48}

dwunltd long ago
i can see why This wallpaper is important to you.

Tauheed long ago
I like it

Elusive long ago
I knew there HAD to be something good in my day today!!!!!

Val long ago
B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L!!!!! One of Your bests!!!

Tifa long ago
This inspiration is from HongKong? I think there're 2 big Chinese character in the background...:-)

slayton48 long ago

lolo long ago
Very simple & beautiful Congrats

Case long ago
I love it.

Essence long ago
This...this...I'm speechless. A rarity for me. I love it! :-)

Vlad Gheorghiu long ago
Very nice work. It's warm and intimate. The craftsman did a great work on this and we should all thank you for sharing it with us. Vlad Gheorghiu from Bucuresti, Romania

MaGaLy long ago
VeRy rOmAnTiC (L)!! MaGaLy

jade long ago
...and i still love tis wallpaper vlad!(L)jade

Senta long ago
Beautiful.....just Beautiful.......Thanks for the email of the lady bugs.......I made it my desk top....The colors are beautiful............. thank you again, Senta

ak long ago
Vlad thanks a lot for all your work, it's amazing. Btw it looks like 1600x1200 low-res image is still corrupted in the bottom.

justin long ago
its nice, but im still waiting for a new wintery/christmas wallpaper from you :-(

Vlad Gerasimov long ago
Ouch! Thats because my connection was broken during upload... I fixed the images and they should work fine now. Thanks!

pete long ago
Um, the 1600 x 1200 has errors. Or maybe it's me.

Narada long ago
May I request a dual-monitor wallpaper of 2560x1024 for this please? I have that setup at work.

Vlad Gerasimov long ago
Donna - this is because my website doesnt have 1252x864 files. I recommend that you set 1280x1024 image, it will crop a bit but will look good.

Jaideep long ago
Very touching indeed (L)

mb long ago
Õîðîøèé ïàïèð. Óæå íà ìîåì ðàáî÷åì ñòîëå. :-)

Rina long ago
Realmente bello! JD.. aún sin revisar los comentarios, lo mismo pensé yo.

Luzma long ago
Really very tender. Your wife must've loved it.

Jose Daniel long ago
Absolutely Lovely Vlad. One of your bests! wow. Rina, si ves ésto, cuando lo vi pensé en nosotros...

Marija 22 marec 2008
Two in one,it's love flame!Blessings :)

Séka de France 26 september 2008
I love! Infinitely! Bravo! Séka

LiZ 21 december 2008
Это Бий и Катунь=)

8 marec 2011
Gostei muito!!!!

Илона 1 február 2012
Я такую сестренке подарила)

Armando long ago
i like the textures their wonderful and makes me feel like just grabing the man and woman and feeling the texture of the carving:-)

Vaevictus long ago
Tifa: no. I'm pretty sure the background "character" is a recreation of the detail on the bottom left of the icon. (on the female side)

ath long ago
ilove you all(l)

Nathan Nutter long ago
I feel guilty asking this, would you be willing to make this same wallpaper without the talisman? I actually like it but I prefer a minimalist desktop and I really like the feel. I'll understand if you don't want to be bothered and I'll understand if it would bother you to do so. Thanks, no matter what you decide.

novertigo long ago
it's as perfect as it's simplicity. congrat. probably you should make something similar or different but made of 'sand' nv.

Aleksandra long ago
Zdravo Vlad :-) I will selfishly say that I have found a personal piece of Peace in Your work. It has been quite a long time since someone's Art struck me with such warmth... Your soul is Slavic (L), beautiful in a way my Balkan soul recognises it. Just like Heaven :-) Vsego samovo ludshevo zhelaiu Tebe i Tvoiei Dorogoi :-) Beograd, Srbija

Vlad Gerasimov long ago
Iksoo - fixed!

Iksoo long ago
I cannot open the high resolution files. Maybe the connection is still broken?

Narada long ago
Absolutely beautiful. I'll use this in the lack of a Christ mas Linux ;-)

Suzanne long ago
Lovely. Very peaceful.

Caline long ago
I like it a lot and I think is erotic too... he´s licking her ear? O its just my imagination? ;-)

Ron long ago
Both the 1600x1200 and the 1280x1024 have errors...

Vlad Gerasimov long ago
This is vectorized image of small wooden talisman I presented to my wife as the symbol of love and family. This talisman has been made by buryat craftsman, so it has a lot of nature-based ideas inside it.

Donna long ago
Quite lovely, but the site is only letting me download the 800x600 instead of 1252z864 I use on 17" iMac.

rasa long ago
Very warm, peacefull, loving - just beautifull!!!! You are lucky having such a bond with your wife ;) Thanks for sharing! P.S. I I haven't noticed rainbow in your wallpapers - it could be nice, for example "Two and the rainbow" ;)

Jade long ago
This is very touching to me...being recently widowed it speaks to me of the ongoing unity of husband and wife...Thank you Vlad for sharing this with all of us...jade

Cindy long ago
Vlad At our wedding in 1986 a song was sung that had the line in it "two in one, one in two, that's the way it's meant to be". Your talisman very much reminds me of that unity that can be found in a good marriage. Thank you for sharing it with us!

aboe 17 február 2008
Dear Vlad, It was asked by Nathan Nutter already, but if it offends you please say so, Could you release the wallpaper background only? and if so are you willing to let it be used as a wallpaper to be released with the new ubuntu 8.04. I ask this because of the beatiful wallpaper in kubuntu and in KDE4. The background of this wallpaper would surely fit with the ubuntu gnome theme.

paniz 7 august 2011
mi iranim

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