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A moment before the dark

A moment before the dark

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Komentáre {34}

Chris long ago
These wallpapers are absolutely amazing! Thank you and keep up the good work!

betty long ago

SahAnd long ago
A moment befor sleep!

NIMA SADAT long ago

Brett long ago
Dark and spooky but thats the attraction(Y)

Laura long ago

miki long ago

xenon long ago
love ıt cut up

Croft long ago
Absolutely Amazing :-O

|unknown| long ago
Unreal! :-)

Jaideep long ago
Uniquely different and enchanting!

Franco long ago
Really interesting!!

evelyn231 long ago

Lala long ago
groovy/creepy im diggin it dawg

rockdevilgirl long ago
Bagus! :-)

Almond long ago

Deathstrike long ago
It's very nice, very emotional!!! I love this wallpaper=)

NoOne 30 september 2012
i love this the most of all

Moo long ago
Just the thing I need for those late nights working on my computer :)

Seyed long ago
- Wow

$@ndM@n long ago
It's at once simple, and darkly enchanting. I like it. ;-)

cool boy adsh long ago
not cool but my gf like it

Sirio long ago
speechless :-)

sadi long ago
good picture

One Drop long ago
How can someone express so much with just a few lines?

Renzo long ago
WOW, your art work is so cool, keep up the good work mate!

daisy long ago
(L) sweet (L)

Jaideep long ago
quite haunting too ;-)

son long ago

Grace long ago
amazing nice work

b4 long ago
watching Your work I think, that You are very gentle, emotional, and good person - thank You and good luck with everything

Ekando long ago
Its gives off a cold comfort. Excellent.

Colin Walker 28 január 2008
I love this one.

Alina 11 december 2010
A moment before just feel could someone ask \"what the heck\"? :) one of my favourites drawings...

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