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Alice in Wonderland - The Rabbit's House

Alice in Wonderland - The Rabbit's House

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Komentáre {26}

Mammut long ago
Nice one, heh :)

boring old lady long ago
I believe this series is the best yet!

Matilda long ago
wow vlad, this is amazing,but a question... Why it's a hand there?? well, vlad, I hope you respond this question see u!! (Y) :-D ;-) :-P

Nurul long ago
Matilda, that is Alice's Hand.. at the door is Alice's Hairs.. and, at the chimney and window are Alice's legs.. am i correct..? ;-) i didnt realise about those hand, legs and hairs before.. but, when i think back about the story.. then i remember.. by the way, i love this wallpaper very much! saludos! (Y)

arash long ago
alice in wonder land in the little house beautiful TNX

Ashwin long ago
Where did you get the font that you used in these wallpapers.

kacenka long ago
I think it is better with the text...

Robyn long ago
I would love to have that font. Where did you get it or what is the name?

Moo long ago
It is a Mac font called Giddyup. I'm sure you could find similar ones online if you're running Windows, though!

Uday bhatt long ago
Great Thought. :-)

jimit 28 november 2012
gud creaativity

Jen long ago
actually, you can get giddyup for PC too. you don't need a mac.

YACHU long ago
Vlad, zrobil bys grafike na moja strone WWW?

blablabla long ago
:-S (U)

dabdab long ago

alan long ago
ur designs are awesome!

koko long ago
it's very nice I love it

bocah gemblung long ago
gambare uapik tenan... mbok aku diajari le nggawe piye... ning gratis lho, ora mbayar... aku ra nduwe dhuwit je....

sameer long ago
i believe its the best wallpaper's site of all times

Angela Liu long ago
I love this site!!!

Fransheska long ago
Me encanta ese libro.

Tatiana long ago
esta muyyyyyyyyyyyy lindo!!!!!

andrew long ago
Vlad - beautiful pictures. But is it possible to have them without the text? I think it takes away from the beauty.

Sahar long ago
Still on Top of My visited sites.Great! I've read your interview ,It was nice! We in Iran use Tea too :) Is it possible to draw a wallp in size of a stood-up rectangle ( 4 mobile screen) Just one please! (Y)

Eed 26 november 2009
That good

myllar 12 apríl 2012
:D Beatiful

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