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Who stole the moon? (The first children's book from Vladstudio!)

{15 marec 2010}

I've been updating my website slower than usually. This is due to two big projects I am working on hard. One is business and confidential, so maybe later :-) and the other is - the children's book!

Read the announcement and view some pencil sketches and completed artwork

Is this book interesting for you? Would you buy it? Your feedback is very much appreciated!

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Komentáre {280}

Daniel Woolstencroft 15 marec 2010
It looks great! I'd buy it. One option while you try to find a publisher may be to release it as an iPhone app? I read books to my son all the time using my iPhone, and he can flip through the pages. He doesn't read yet, so apps that read the words out are nice too. Although he prefers me to read them, naturally ;)

brent 15 marec 2010
i would certainly purchase this book (in the physical form, my son isn't yet old enough for smartphone apps). good luck!

Tom Leary 16 marec 2010
I'd definitely purchase the book, and agree with the earlier post that a hardbound version would be preferable. Also, based on the snapshot above, I'd prefer to have it in American English, favorite vs. favourite etc. While that wouldn't stop me from buying the book, it does make things harder when we have our 5 year old read. The bit of art I've seen looks great, and the space theme is definitely interesting!

Orien Vandenbergh 16 marec 2010
Oh yeah! Loving the look of the art (as always), and the feel of what little story is visible in the sketches. Can't wait to buy a copy to read to my kid(s)!

geir 16 marec 2010
You have probably already considered it, but in this case it might be a very good idea to publish the book yourself.

Martin Stružský 16 marec 2010
Hi, you know me well and we've already discussed this, so you know that I have an eminent interest in buying this book. :-) I hope it will be possible to send it to Czech Republic in some way... Best wishes and have a nice time!

Jessica Dalton 16 marec 2010
I'd buy it!

Steve 16 marec 2010
Try self publishing with

Haan 16 marec 2010
Great, keep us updated, I would definitely buy one for my son.

Fefe Mathia 16 marec 2010
I´d buy it. I will really prefer "localizations" to as many languages as possible and right now I am interested in Slovak, Polish, and English version. It could be a perfect gift to my nephews and nieces... Really nice artwork!!! Good luck!!!

Paulette DeMers 16 marec 2010
I would love to buy this book for my grandkids!

олеся 16 marec 2010
очень красиво и интересно :) я бы купила такую волшебную книгу!

Fabio Lamanna 16 marec 2010
Yes I'll buy it!!

Minh Hieu TRINH 16 marec 2010
I will definitely buy it !!

Christina Baldinger 16 marec 2010
I'd buy it. My 3 yr old daughter loves books and also loves looking at the "pretty pictures" on Mommy's computer - your desktop walpapers Vlad, so 2 fans already here!

Heidi Voigt 16 marec 2010
What a perfect progression for your artwork! The look of your sketches and artwork is exactly what I looked for when buying books for my young children. They're all grown now, all 5, but there are still grandchildren to buy for. I would definitely buy it, with just this little bit I've seen.

Eugenia Noriega Plancarte 16 marec 2010
I have a three year old who I'm sure would love it! Please let us know when and how we can buy it!

Cristiana Garita 16 marec 2010
It looks awesome! I would buy it even for myself.

betsey 16 marec 2010

Rick Graves 16 marec 2010
I'd buy at least 2!

Vlad Gerasimov 16 marec 2010
Thanks very much for all the comments - very motivating! :-)

16 marec 2010
Sure i vould. For myself first and for my grand-children. But i am only interested in PAPER books. Love your work, as usual.

Kevin 17 marec 2010
Please let us know when it's available for purchase.

Valerio 17 marec 2010
As always, your artwork is simply stunning. The samples are amazing! I don't have children yet; still, I would buy the book even for myself ;) Seriously, you're great. As someone already asked, please translate this book in different languages... I was wondering about an Italian localization... is there any chance?

yankee 17 marec 2010
Shouldn't this read that his favourite thing to do is to "lie in bed" rather than just "lie". I would urge the author to consider this. My work is with children, and without this change, I wouldn't want to read it to them! However, love the illustrations!!

Jaideep Nadkarni 17 marec 2010
Very sweet... Today's children certainly deserve something so beautiful!

Dirk 17 marec 2010
... I'll buy it, if it comes in Dutch

Alvaro Mendez 17 marec 2010
If you want to translate it into Spanish... here I am!

Simon Gardner 17 marec 2010
As you have such a great following, any children's publisher that knows what they are doing should pick it up. I have not read through all the comments, but do you have an agent? Having spent a large portion of my early design career in publishing I highly recommend getting yourself one. Yes 10 to 15% gets handed over, but an agent will get you a better deal any day. Good Luck with the project

cecilia 17 marec 2010
I think this book looks educational, fun, interesting, vibrant, fantastic . It really is brilliant . get it published quickly

troy coleman 18 marec 2010
This just made my day - I would not hesitate to buy several copies.

Graeme Wood 18 marec 2010
Add me to the list of interested buyers. I have sent your link to Whitecap Books in Vancouver. They have a children's book publishing department.

Matias 18 marec 2010
WOW Just Amazing!! I always have your wallpapers in my laptop, I just adore them!! And your book? Just so cute!!! My nephew will receive a copy that's for sure!!!

Jan Kalina 18 marec 2010
Wonderful I would like to buy it... Please post a note when could be possible? (Q2-Q3)???

Dusan Vlahovic 18 marec 2010
If i had a kid i'll surely buy it, you art is so amazing and perfect for a children's book.

bee 19 marec 2010
Really looks beautiful! I'd definitively buy it if I had an English speaking child. Or maybe I will some day? Who knows... ;)

Matthew Collins 19 marec 2010
I'd buy it - I have a two year old and this looks great!

Nicholas Codignotto 19 marec 2010
Yes, would be very interested. My kids would love this and they love your artwork. Nick

Gary White 19 marec 2010
I would buy this! Looks an amazing beautiful book

Alessandro Pisaniello 19 marec 2010
Sure Vlad, i'd buy it Ciao Alex

Marcus Völker 20 marec 2010
Hi, i would buy it. would be great if u could buy this @ amazon. maybe a translation / german is possible. could do this as well. cya

bob 20 marec 2010
I will definitely buy it as soon as soon as it comes out!!!

Andrea 20 marec 2010
I have two friends with new babies and would certainly buy this book as we are huge fans of your artwork. I also visit/inspect daycares and would love to see the book there. Hardcover and hard pages for sure if it is a short book.

Penny Cook 21 marec 2010
I would definitely buy husband and I used your art work for our wedding invitations (with your permission of course) so to be able to have a book to share with our future children would add to the magic. Thank you for the joy you bring - your creativity is a very special gift

Gabsta 22 marec 2010
I'd buy the book (in english)... I love your artwork!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Alan 22 marec 2010
I would love this book for my daughter, see loves looking at the moon also.

Lutzi 22 marec 2010
This will be a great book. I love your wallpapers... If you offer this in german language, I´d buy one!!!

Laura 22 marec 2010
Absolutely I would buy it. One for me and two for each of my great-nieces. :o)

Kristen 23 marec 2010
I definitely would purchase!

Brent Bordelon 23 marec 2010
I'll definitely buy the book, primarily because I've always been a fan of your work. Great job, by the way, and I hope you guys find a publisher!

April A. 23 marec 2010
I know my girls would love this book just based on your artwork alone:) They are older (ages 10 and 12) but are huge fans and live the days when you release new work! We can't wait!!

Krystal 23 marec 2010
This book has potential in the children's book market! The pictures are very well drawn and the title is very interesting! Can't wait to see how the story goes! Good luck and I wish you all the best!

Fabio Turel 24 marec 2010
A must-have! As a parent, I'm looking forward to sharing the joy of reading it with my loved ones. And it would make a great gift for friends' kids as well.

Thorsten 24 marec 2010
The artwork looks very geat! Would love to see this book in my local book-store... Have you thought about publishing it as a "book/print on demand"?

Evgeniya & Andrey 24 marec 2010
We'd buy it!

sonia 24 marec 2010
Mmmm... it looks like fantastic! Could it be posible in spanish?

Jill 26 marec 2010
I love your art!! It's...comfy :) Different art affects us different ways, and yours feels warm and comfortable to me. It always makes me smile. I come here time and again to enjoy your art. Would I buy the book? Y-E-S! I hope you can find a publisher very soon! I see another best seller in the making! Good luck :)

Roxanne Vetter 26 marec 2010
Fabulous, i would definitely by it.

RebekahC ~ Ready Set Read Reviews 26 marec 2010
I absolutely love your designs, so there's no question at all that I'd buy this book. I'd also be proud to review it at my kid's/Ya's book blog, Ready Set Read Reviews. (

Martin Scholtyssek 27 marec 2010
Looks great! I surely will buy some, even though I have no children. One will be just for me and the others just as presents for the Kids of my good friends. Hope you will find a publisher soon.

Matthew Lehmann 28 marec 2010
When we started renovating our old office into a nursery for our first born (9 months old now!) we had your artwork printed and framed to help with inspiration. Her walls are filled with fun and colorful Vlad characters that will definitely grow with her. I am 100% positive that I would buy this book. Will you consider a hard-board version? (At this stage she really likes to chew the pages). Any chance of getting a signed copy when they are available? Terrific work - we just love it! All the best from Canada. --Matthew

George Carstensen 29 marec 2010
Yea - Shoot. If you made an iBook out of it - I'd buy the heck out of it.

Daniel 29 marec 2010
Goood ! ! !

christina granucci 30 marec 2010
I'd definitely buy it, even though my kids are older (late teens). Your illustrations are wonderful and I love the animals! Love your work...The very best of luck to you.

Lenny V 31 marec 2010
No doubt. I would buy it, in fact several copies to make perfect gifts for the various children in life. Continued success!

Yadira 31 marec 2010
I'd definitely buy it! It looks lovely; colours are vivid and striking, and the story sounds quite interesting... I've got a couple of girls at home and we all agree: thumbs up for you and this project, Vlad! Hope you'll get a great deal with a publisher soon -and please let us know so we can order our copy!

pj 31 marec 2010
My grandson is an avid reader (7 yrs) and also loves to listen to stories, and we scrutinize every picture. I definitely would purchase this book for him. PS I love your artwork.

Tud 1 apríl 2010
I would definitely buy it!!

Liz 1 apríl 2010
I am definitely buying this book! I love your artwork!

Mike 1 apríl 2010
Add me to the list of purchasers. I can't wait to see what you do with this Vlad.

Jotra 2 apríl 2010
I have a 10 years son and is starting to learn English as a second language (we live in Portugal). I definitely would purchase this book.

Lance Fisher 2 apríl 2010
This book looks cool, and I'd love to read it to my 2-year-old. I'd buy it, or an e-book to print out. It would be super cool if it had English and Russian side-by-side.

Val 3 apríl 2010
We would definately buy your book! Looking forward to it.

Terri GottFree 4 apríl 2010
Very nice book, i would certainly buy it.

Linda Lara 4 apríl 2010
Hi Vlad:I would definitely buy the book, just because you think it is a good project, and you are very professional and very nice, too! Also, you artwork is, by far, some of the best I have ever seen. It goes hand in hand with children and their imaginations. May I suggest a good organization that may be able to get you folks an editor and publisher. I belong to it, and it is great: SCWBI (Society for Children's Writers and Book Illustrators). I think it has chapters around the world. Best from Linda

Deni 6 apríl 2010
Where is going to be ready this book ?

lia 7 apríl 2010
Yes very much... :) And i'd be very happy if i can get the book here in Indonesia

Phillip Beazley 7 apríl 2010
I would so buy this book. Please make it happen!

Ulrich Specht 7 apríl 2010
Wow, i would definitly by this book. I love all your Artwork. And the first impression looks very good. I think my little daughter will love it, she loves your artwork. Good luck in finding a publisher. Ulrich

Renna 9 apríl 2010
I would definitely buy it. Seems like this book would capture the imagination of a young child and would be a favorite bedtime book. Like some of the other comments, hardbound would be preferable for me. My son has a pretty sizable collection of books, but the ones he reaches for time and time again seem to be the hardbound ones with great illustrations, a little bit of humor, and an emotional quality that he can identify with.

Nate Caldwell 10 apríl 2010
Please do this! I'd buy it immediately for my nephew.

Ricardo I. 11 apríl 2010
Totally: I'd get it for my child. And just for pleasure. And I offer myself as a spanish traslator, if you want it. I'll be glad to collaborate. Best regards, from Chile Ricardo I.

Giuliano Romano 13 apríl 2010
Hi Vlad, i will offer me for italian translation :-)

Paul 13 apríl 2010
Looks cool, I might by it for my kids. Did you consider skipping the traditional publishing route and self publish through

Adam Trnka 13 apríl 2010
Hello Vlad, in which time frame it will be possible to order this book? I`m really looking forward for this. Will it be possible to send it into CZE? Thx

Dan Callahan 14 apríl 2010
Many of my friends and cousins are starting to have children -- I'd buy several copies! Is there a way to be notified when you do find a publisher?

Jin 15 apríl 2010
I would love to purchase a copy of your book. Well, actually, I'd be several and give them as presents this coming Christmas. As for publishing the book, why not just go thru It'd be professionally printed and available to a large audience and the author and illustrator would get all the profit without having a publisher taking a huge cut.

elisa 15 apríl 2010
Oh! It seems so nice!!! I would definetely buy it in English! It would be great to have it on paper! (let me know if you need an Italian translator ;) )

Ксения, Братск 16 apríl 2010
Вы просто молодец!! я большая поклонница ваших обоев и очень буду рада купить эту книгу))если конечно она будет продаваться в моем городе)

Kari Salmi 16 apríl 2010
I would certainly buy it for my kids. I am a godfather of two of my friends daughters, so i would buy it for a gift for them as well. I wish it will be published in finnish language also.Thank you for your great work!

Gfsg 16 apríl 2010

penelope 16 apríl 2010
I'm a preschool teacher and I'd definately buy this book both for my students and my son. I love the pictures!!!!!!! keep up the good work!

kwagner 18 apríl 2010
absolutely would buy in book form

Patricia (from Portugal) 18 apríl 2010
The Book looks admirable. Hope you print it in Portuguese. Good Luck!

Birdie 19 apríl 2010
I love your work! A childrens book is a great idea for you. I wish you the best of luck finding a publisher. I know a publisher, but he does comic strip collections. Still, I'll send him your link.

Raquel 21 apríl 2010
I would absolutely buy it for my daughters (and me!) I love your art and I would happily buy a whole series of books illustrated by you! :)

Dave Hodgkins 21 apríl 2010
I think this is a brilliant project. The preview illustrations look really good, I can't wait to see the finished project. I've always been a fan of your work so to see it in a book, a childrens book of all, will be brilliant. I'll really enjoy reading this to my 2 year old! I just hope it's easily available in the UK!

Martin Trojan 23 apríl 2010
Vlad! I hope iPad version is on its way :) with animation of-course and even for the ibooks app, but, of-course, preferably a stanalone app

Landon Russell 23 apríl 2010
Yes, I would buy the book and get a bunch for gifts. I have thoroughly enjoyed your wallpapers over the years. Keep up the great work and I'm excited about the book.

Šimona Chloubova 24 apríl 2010
I want to buy it, it's lovely. How come you cannot find a publisher is a mystery for me. Good luck.

David Sasser 25 apríl 2010
Absolutely I would buy this book. In fact I was ready to buy it as soon as I saw the banner ad and was disappointed to find out it was not available yet. My preference would be to get this is an iPad app. I find myself reading iPad books to my children regularly now.

ZZamboni 27 apríl 2010
Hi Vlad- I'm a long time fan of your art, and I have two little girls who love stories. I would definitely buy the book! For the future, I would love to see it in different languages (my native tongue is Spanish).

Konstantinos Symeonidis 27 apríl 2010
Would absolutely buy it. One more vote on an iPhone app!

Eric Madeline 1 máj 2010
oh yes I will buy it also, seems very nice ! hope this will be published in several languages including french for my daughters nice work... as usual :-) Eric

i would buy it! 3 máj 2010
:) looks cool.

Tiago Correia 5 máj 2010
I'm also interested in the book. If you want a translator for portuguese, please contact me.

Mande 8 máj 2010
Definitely would buy it for all my nephews! Great work.

Juju 10 máj 2010
+1 order for a hardbound and +1 for the app. (hubs reads to boo from the ipad)

Paolo 11 máj 2010
Hi, I'm a longtime fan of your works (since Softshapeart ) so no surprise I would be interested. Furthermore I am father of two little boys! I hope you'll find a publisher but have you eventually considered the Blurb alternative? ( Bye

Hannah S. 15 máj 2010
I can't wait for this book to come out. It looks quite amazing, and I will be buying at soon as it gets published.

Helga Petersen 20 máj 2010
Definitely would buy, if for nothing else than you wonderful artwork. Helga

Kevin 20 máj 2010
Vlad, Love your work. I can't wait to get my hands on a copy of your book. Very talented! Keep up the great work.

ilona 26 máj 2010
Yes, my credit card is ready to be swiped as soon as it is released! Of course, you must sign the book before you mail it my way!

Alice K. 1 jún 2010
I am so happy to see your illustration will now be published in a children's book. I am a lover of children's books and a lover of Vlad Studio. I will be one of the first to purchase this book....I absolutely love your work, so this will be a hit...I'm sure. Good Luck, I am waiting patiently

Hanneke van der Meer 1 jún 2010
Looks lovely, but why make an iPhone application. On an iPad screen we can enjoy you artwork better

Lilianna Szwejkowska 2 jún 2010
Yes, I'd buy it! Looking at your artworks and photos convinces me you are the right person to illustrate a fairy tale!

Brenda Wild 6 jún 2010
I will buy this for my granddaughter. Already got her the birthday movie. I love this site. Please keep me informed. Thanks

amanda 10 jún 2010
what i can see of it, it is delightful and i would definitely buy a copy, in book form as a book lover that would be my only option, it looks really wonderful and whimsy.

Kaz 17 jún 2010
I don't even have children (I'm 19 years old) but I will still buy this book just for your wonderful illustrations! I have always been a child at heart :) and would love to read this to my little cousins Thumbs up to the people who said the book should be hardback if possible, that is a very good idea, also a good idea to publish it on the iPhone/iPad. Also - UK English please! Although the illustrations are the most important part, they speak a thousand words

Mark 27 jún 2010
I've always hoped you would illustrate a children's book, as your style is so well suited to it. I'm sure it will be excellent and I would surely buy a copy.

Franck Alcidi 27 jún 2010
Will definitely would buy it Vlad when published. How are things progressing?

librarian from Croatia 2 júl 2010
maybe it will sound silly but in the last few yares you have become one of my favorite ilustrators, I will definitly buy the book! Hope it will be available on amazon and english...

Ernesto Aguero 3 júl 2010
If U want i could translate it to spanish for free!!! write me

Angelo 5 júl 2010
I'd love to get a copy of this book. While I agree with the others on a digital version, seeing these high quality illustrations printed and in person would be best. At least for me.

Caroline 5 júl 2010
I would live to buy this book - I keep checking back to see if there is any news on getting it published. All the best with it.

Austin Harding 8 júl 2010
Can I have a signed copy?

Lance Fisher 9 júl 2010
I'd buy both a Russian and an American English version!

Volker 19 júl 2010
This book is a great idea; I'll buy one for sure! I also prefer translations to many languages. I can do the translation to German. You don't have to print the translations in to the book; it may come as an extra sheet. This way the kids will read the book again when they start to learn English. I'll bet the Vladstudio community will be able to translate and proof read in a number of languages! So let's make this book a little bit ubuntu with translation sheets downloadable as PDF.

szekelya 27 júl 2010
I'd buy one, and would do the hungarian translation for free.

szekelya 27 júl 2010
...and people asking for American English version, let me link a letter to America (allegedly from John Cleese): :)

m brown 8 august 2010
Of course it would depend on the cost, but I think it would be a fun book to have around to read to my grandkids.

Kadri K. 11 august 2010
Love it. Would consider buying it in English; would definitely buy it in Estonian :) And I'd gladly trade a translation for a signature!

Nichelle 18 august 2010
The sample illustrations look lovely. I would definitely buy this book for my daughter; the moon is one of her favorite things! A hard back copy would be preferable for durability.

Grant E 25 august 2010
I'll be ordering it as soon as it's out! Actually I'll be buying more than one. You're really talented Vlad.

a8 25 august 2010
I'd like to read it to my kids. Please have it out before Xmas. Thanks, a8

Kosta 31 august 2010
my son is about 5 years and i'd like to buy for him this book. i'm sure he would be very pleased ) how can ido this?

Carmelo Delgado 6 september 2010
It looks absolutely beautiful, When will it be available?

troy coleman 6 september 2010
I would like to buy it now - is it available?

Dani 15 september 2010
I would definitely buy a copy of this book!

David Kerford 18 september 2010
I'd absolutely buy this. The vlad studio artwork is loved by children and parents alike and with the iPad Books app there's so much potential to introduce extra elements/simple games/ you name it. Go hardback by all means but don't forget an electronic release - the iPad is a great way of taking a whole lot of bulky children's books with you when travelling and is definitely going to be a growth area.

David 24 september 2010
I love your illustrations and wallpapers! That alone has convinced me that this book will be gorgeous, and I would be interested in buying even though I don't have any kids yet. Gotta be prepared...

Narek 15 október 2010
You are an extremely talented ARTIST. Thanks for sharing your art with all of us. Armenia loves your work!

Robert Kasanicky 15 marec 2010
+1 on having an ebook of some sort as an option.

Vlad Gerasimov 15 marec 2010
Daniel, Robert: thanks! the book will most definitely be published for iPhone as well. This will happen after the book itself is ready, because the formatting will be very different.

William Robinson 15 marec 2010
The book should have appeal for both children and adults because of the illustrations. Prefer traditional hard bound book for the long life. Hope to see it published soon.

Vlad Gerasimov 16 marec 2010
Tom - good point! Thanks for the suggestion. We'll have it available in as many languages as possible.

Cas 16 marec 2010
I've always loved your illustrations, so this project is really exciting! A few notes - traditionally in this market, you'd be looking at a 32page book, with less writing per page than in the sample you've shown. It's hard to tell from the one spread, but I'd probably split that text at "...lies in his bed" and then start a new spread. You've got to remember that this book will be read aloud to a child, and they're going to get bored looking at one illustration for a long time. Plus you've got to pace the pages - the text has got to end at a point where you want to turn the page to find out what happens next. When you're pitching to a publisher, it's worth bearing in mind that (very few) will take a finished product. Be prepared for an editor to come back with art direction and text changes. Good luck!

Daniel Cedeño 16 marec 2010
I'll purchase this book without thinking twice

Danielako mou 16 marec 2010
Preorder for me please :D

Luke 16 marec 2010
I'd buy it. Would you sign it first?

Rex 16 marec 2010
I'd buy it - my kids love your artwork, and we're a big fan of bedtime stories!

Olga Pantelidou 16 marec 2010
It's very nice. Excellent work and very nice colors. I would buy it, especially if it comes out in Greek

Daria 16 marec 2010
E' fantastico! sembrano dei dipinti, altro che libro per bambini! Io lo comprerei!

jill 16 marec 2010
would buy as is. I think the amount of text you have on the sample page is perfect. Perhaps the person who thought there should be less text is a professional and that is the standard, but as a former teacher and as a parent who raised 3 readers, my opinion is it's paced just right. Children don't need to have pages turned constantly. I think lingering on the page is a good thing; it improves concentration, calms and focuses. And there's a lot to take in in that illustration. Text is really good: nice cadence for reading out loud and the story pulls you right in. Love the details in the pix: the starry wallpaper, the drawings, telescope, globe, and the airplane that suggest he is an adventurer, explorer, dreamer. You can look at the page and easily imagine what kind of boy he is. I also love how safe, comforting, and secure that bed and room is; great psychological metaphor. ! Really exciting project!!!

Keith Hopkins 16 marec 2010
Dear Vlad, My wife and I LOVE your artwork, and we have 5 grandkids... We'd buy it! K. Kevin & Lisa

ChristineA 16 marec 2010
omg!! I would definitely buy at least two.. one for me and one for my youngest nieces. :D I agree with some of the other comments. A hardback would definitely stand up better to small fingers.

Emilia Delacroix 16 marec 2010
Of course I would buy it! One for me and many for all the chilcren I know! If you wish, Vlad, I may help in the Spanish translation. CONGRATULATIONS!!!! For this project and the secret one too!

Emmi 16 marec 2010
I would for sure by that. It looks like a great story and of course beautifully illustrated!

Jesse 16 marec 2010
I'd love to pre-order the book :D Maybe package the book as a deluxe edition with some big poster or something too :)

Boni B 17 marec 2010
Very cute! As a grandmother I would buy this for my 'little ones'; except that they are all too grown up for this. Maybe for their children, in a few years.

Gretchen K Wingert 17 marec 2010
How beautiful!!! I would buy this book just for myself!! My son is 27 now and won't let me read to him anymore.

ChocoLizzie 17 marec 2010
I would love to purchase an autographed copy for my son and I. I look forward to reading it!

Therese 17 marec 2010
I would buy it in a heartbeat. Please keep us updated.

pfennig59 17 marec 2010
It looks beautiful and is a wonderful idea. I'd buy at least two in German. And I'd be happy to help with the translation - from English - my Russian is too rusty.

MARTA, HUNGARY 17 marec 2010
DEFINITELY, Vlad! And also any other books published with your illustration : )

MJoão 17 marec 2010
It looks great! I love the illustrations and the collours. Good luck. If you publish in other languages, please dont forget portuguese. Good luck

Mansour 17 marec 2010
Vlad i just do not what to say about this but it`s amazing and i love it ,if you needed to print an Arabic translation i would be glad to help. from Sudan.

Alex 17 marec 2010
Are those book only in english? I'd buy it in russian

Vlad Gerasimov 18 marec 2010
Alex: русский будет обязательно :)

joseph neathawk 18 marec 2010
I am going to buy this book for my daughter, without a doubt.

Rayne 18 marec 2010
Very excited to hear this! I have a 3 year old who loves books and I've been a fan of your artwork for many years. Look forward to the final publication.

Skyrider 18 marec 2010
Hey, g'day Vlad, Mate, the bits and pieces shown certainly whet the appetite for more of the same. As a bloke always on the lookout for great kid's books, for my grandchildren, this will certainly be on my shopping list when it is released. Wishing you good drawing and heaps of success with "Who stole the moon?" Ric T.

Thanae Cooper 19 marec 2010
Vlad, I would buy anything that you design. Your work is outstanding.

Klavdi Zigon 19 marec 2010
It looks really nice. I'm very interested to buy it. What is the price?

Ben Simanek 19 marec 2010
The artwork and sketches look great. I'm sold. It's the perfect venue for your work. Keep it up!

Vlad Gerasimov 19 marec 2010
Thanks again to everybody for warm comments! Klavdi Zigon: I'll be able to tell the price later, when we either find a publisher, or decide to do self-publishing, and know manufacturing costs.

Bruce Minnick 19 marec 2010
Totally cool dude....!

Pat 20 marec 2010
Your artwork is wonderful! I will definitely buy the book, in print as well as for the iPhone. It's going to be a best seller! Cheers!

Ann Temple-Morris 20 marec 2010
Hi Vlad, I love your illustrations, already have a copy of the I would definately buy a copy, I love your colours, always so vivid!

Sarah Harpootlian 20 marec 2010
I would totally buy it, just to let you know

Josh 21 marec 2010
It looks great, and as a long-time subscriber, I'd definitely pick it up for my kids (1 and 3). You might consider self-publishing. You can create a beautiful book and make it available globally without too much effort. I just published a novel in January, and it has been very well received. (Perhaps I should have contacted you about the artwork...)

Tanya 22 marec 2010
I would absolutely buy this book, even though my children are teenagers - because they are just as appreciative of your work as I am. :)

22 marec 2010

Tesfaye Hiwot 22 marec 2010
Everyone in my household enjoys your illustrations. I would definitely buy a copy or two or three (there are some new additions to my extended family).

Hazel Oldcorn 22 marec 2010
This book looks fab. A great idea for a story and some lovely images. I know loads of people who would buy it. Let's hope it is published soon.

Drew 23 marec 2010
Would love to see this as a hard cover! WILL buy it!

Ana Sousa 23 marec 2010
Beautiful work, as always. Please, don't forget portuguese: Portugal, Brasil, Angola, Mozambique... I'm very happy that your work "goes to paper" - I'm dependent of paper and I try to pass that to all the kids I read to... it allows us to get attached to a book in an unique way. Still - an e-book or some kind of multimedia work is indispensable. Sorry for my bad english...

Judy Downs 23 marec 2010
This book looks beautiful and I would definitely buy it...

Matthew Redding 24 marec 2010
I don't have kids, but I'm going to point this out to my friend who's a children's librarian. I think it looks really great!

Fabio Turel 24 marec 2010
A must-have! As a parent, I'm looking forward to sharing the joy of reading it with my loved ones. And it would make a great gift for friends' kids as well.

Claudia Márquez Terrón 24 marec 2010
Es súper hermoso!!! I like it very much, as ever, your work is so beautiful!!!! Thank you for all your art.

Jennifer DeFord 24 marec 2010
I'd certainly consider buying it! I have two godchildren who would love it.

Nate Prince 25 marec 2010
I would definitely buy this book!

Andy maxwell 25 marec 2010
I would most definately buy the book. I love your work and currently am writing a childrens book myself I am jealous someone got there before me as you will be the first illustrator I contac :) In fact, may I send you the first chapter?

Jennifer Miller 26 marec 2010
I will certainly buy one for my niece. She will LOVE it!

Sven Thunell 26 marec 2010
I have two boy's (2 and 4 years) who would love this book, and I would definately buy it for them.

Michael Hayes 26 marec 2010
I would love to have a copy, beautiful illustration.

Ah Bert 27 marec 2010
Illustration looks great! Definately want to buy a copy! It would also be great if you can release some wallpapers from the book!

Belén junquera 27 marec 2010
it looks great!!! I can help with the spanish and galician translation congrats!

Ryan 28 marec 2010
I have two little ones and would buy this...hard cover please! And don't forget the iPad!!! I plan on doing a lot of reading with the iPad soon!

miska 28 marec 2010
really nice :)

Matthias 28 marec 2010
I would buy it!

Manuel Anxo Calvo Santos 29 marec 2010
Hi, Vlad. This book looks fantastic! I definitely would buy it, and as a teacher I'd reccomend it to every student I know. I don't know if you've heard of this publishing company called OQO. They make truly great books, much in your style, and I think that they would be delighted if you get in touch with them to show them your book. From what I've heard, they always appreciate a fine work of art for children, and all their books that I know of are incredibly fine! If you want to see their catalogue and get in touch with them, check this link:

31 marec 2010

Ljiljana 31 marec 2010
My inner child already thinks that your site belongs to all children of the world; that's why she is so happy now! Congratulations Vlad, sure we'd buy it. Serbian translation please.

George Tsinaris 31 marec 2010
It looks great! I like your work very much, and i think it will be great. I know that i would ask too much, but is there a possibility to come in Greek? My kids will love it!

Kylie Corriveau 1 apríl 2010
I'd buy the book in a heartbeat- as many have said- your artwork is marvelous - and is perfect for this story! It would be really cool if autographed copies were available- i would possible have to get two- one for my daughter and one for myself!

Ahbe Coates 1 apríl 2010
I've got three boys who love books. I'd purchase a print copy. Why I love eBooks, they don't work so well at bed time. For a children's book it has to be a hard cover print book.

Linda 2 apríl 2010
I have been a fan of your artwork and your website for years now and have watched you evolve as an artist. I am so happy for you with regards to this book! You are an inspiration for those of us who are artists, and have big dreams as well. Congratulations, and God Bless you as you pursue ALL of your interests.

H VU 3 apríl 2010
I would buy it based on the illustrations alone. Further, I echo the sentiments on the ebook, iphone ideas.

Jana 3 apríl 2010
is amazing! here, in Brazil, is so dificult find good and beautiful books like this for kids. how much cost it? have a possibility to send to Brazil when you finish? sorry for the bad english haha and congratulations you work is wonderfull

Joyce 4 apríl 2010
I'd definitely buy a copy! Probably more than one and give them as gifts!

Mary J. Dailey 5 apríl 2010
Yes I would buy the book for my great grandson. I love the illustrations and the book looks like a darling story. .

Karen O 6 apríl 2010
I would love to buy this for my sister who is starting to learn how to read. I've read comments about making an ebook, but I like to physically have the book, so my sister could hold it and call it hers.

eioasp 7 apríl 2010
is tow dkth tosey

LoreCD 7 apríl 2010
I'm not a publisher, I'm a... translator, and I would definitely buy and read this book to my children and, of course, translate it into Italian!

Ylona Tahova 8 apríl 2010
I like it, but my seven-year sister could much better. If it´s enough for a book..

Dore 9 apríl 2010
I would MOST DEFINITELY buy this book from you! Absolutely - wow, i am really excited!

Susana 10 apríl 2010
Congrats Vlad!!! You are my favorite artist and that iniciative of illustrate a children book is an awsome opportunity. I hope that someday in Panama´s bookstores sales that book, definitely Im buy it. Saludos desde Panama!

Ruby 11 apríl 2010
I came across your website and I love your wallpapers and upcoming book. You're really blessed with great gifts and generosity! Wishing you lots of success!

Marizaan van Beek 12 apríl 2010
As always I find your illustrations fantastic. Your book will do wonderfull and I for one will buy it. I live in South Africa and want to give a name of one of our big publishing company to you. Please try them I would love to see your book on our shelfs.

erc 13 apríl 2010
Seemingly a very good and inspiring work. Keep it up...

Shato 13 apríl 2010
I will most certainly buy this book! Can't wait to read that with my children

Wendie Levings 14 apríl 2010
As a grandmother; colorful - eye catching books are a must to teach the joys of reading. Your artwork has the perfect texture to capture inquistive eyes and feels as if it should fit nicely into small chubby hands. I am hoping the story line will make it a book to read over and over again... it will need to capture the imagination of the child and the adult (who purchases it)... and if it does, I would love an autographed copy... or three... Thank you for sharing your world with us... not so talented participants.

Ravi sonar. 15 apríl 2010
Hello, I love always love your illustration :) best luck.

Ravi sonar. 15 apríl 2010
Hello Vlad, U are always my motivator for all these years. I am a programmer and having a great interest in design and illustrations, I dialy visit ur site :) that keeps me breathing and motivated for my self study :) As I read your bio and about this book I am very much sure u will bring one kind of business again in Market. I have a kind request in this, I know someone in India (by the way I am an Indian) he only draws for books and he rocks always. I like his design and creativity as well. If u think about this kind of Kid stories like motivating them for life, I am more than 1000 percent sure u will rock. I trust your ability, just think about creating such story teller books. my email id - I wish all the best to u. Regards, Ravi

jbs 17 apríl 2010
Beautiful! I love your work. I'd buy it as an iPad app.

Gary - NH, USA 17 apríl 2010
I must say that I've followed your work and promoted it to many people. I am excited to see you creating such a wonderful book as this - BRAVO!

Krishna 18 apríl 2010
I'd definitely buy it! It looks simply amazing! I hope you make more — publishers: please publish this!!

Justin Haralson 19 apríl 2010
I would buy it!!!!!!

Evgenij Smirnov 19 apríl 2010
I'd buy it. Sent the link to a couple of people who might be able to help.

Andrea Olivier 21 apríl 2010
I would definitely buy it! I would like an actual hard copy of something like that. But I'd do an e-book if that is what it took to get it started.

Haitch 22 apríl 2010
I would so buy this book for my 3 year old daughter. When we read a bed time story every night she loves looking at the pictures. She specially likes finding "hidden" things in the pictures. Suggest you do some "hidden" characters and bits and pieces for kids to find in the pics, it stimulates them visually and makes them feel part of the reading and telling of the story....

Christina 23 apríl 2010
I would buy a book you illustrated. I love your work. My son is just about to turn one-year-old. I have the perfect excuse. Not that I needed one =) Can't wait to see it.

Marcela Eggleton 24 apríl 2010
I love your work and am very excited to read that a book will be availabe soon. I don't know any publishers, but I am sending good thoughts your way in hopes that you both find one soon. Your work is thoughtful and thought provoking.

25 apríl 2010
I'd definately buy it!! I love your style and childrens books are not only fun for kids :]

Laura Tinucci 26 apríl 2010
I would definitely purchased this book for my granddaughter. I have admired your work for years and wish you great success and accolades. You deserve it!

Stephen Tabor 27 apríl 2010
This book looks great. I'd love to get one for my nephew when they become available.

Tobytwo 27 apríl 2010
I would definitely buy it for my nieces. I love your art style, and they love books about the moon.

s. moon 29 apríl 2010
Ready to buy it as soon as you release it!! Looks awesome. I'm really looking forward to sharing this book with my kids!

Pedro Sa 2 máj 2010
It looks great Vlad I will Buy It for my 6 years old niece-

Kristen 3 máj 2010
The book looks incredible and I was actually disappointed that you can't buy it yet. I love your artwork and the story line seems like something my son would love. We had to put a battery operated moon in his room because he would get extremely upset when he couldn't see the moon out of his window. I will be checking back frequently to see the status and be one of the first to buy it!

D 9 máj 2010
I'd buy this in a New York minute. It's gorgeous.

Marc-Andre Bouchard 11 máj 2010
I would buy a french version as my little girl does speak nor read english. Keep up the good work !

Lieven Van Coninckxloo 14 máj 2010
I'd buy it for sure, because you made the graphics! I just *love* your art!!! Keep up the good work, and don't forget to post some new backgrounds every now and then ;-) The picture from the book (boy looking at sky from his bed) would be perfect as a desktop :-)

20 máj 2010
I have a grandson with Asperger's Syndrome. His current "obsession" is space and the night sky. I would be very interested in buying this book for him. I hope you'll have a link to purchase it when it's ready. LOVE your desktop wallpapers!!!

Christoph Daus 25 máj 2010
I'm impatiently waiting for it until it comes out. I'd buy it. One for my nephew, two for my nieces, one for me... Just tell me if you need some help translating it to German. I would love it.

irock 29 máj 2010
it is great coloures and Excellent choice in colours

Popi Bill 29 máj 2010
Whatever vlad studio produces is of high quality an good moral character. My grandaughters have a vivid imagination and this book could only enhance that aspect of their lives. In today's hurry up world I find it amasing that many parents use the tele as a baby to your children it's a wonderful way to bond and brings a soothing effect to them and creates a lasting impression.which is priceless. I would definately purchase this for them

Hanneke van der Meer 1 jún 2010
I'd buy it right away. Really good idea to use youre illustrationskills for a childrens book. Can't wait till it's available! And I agree with Luke, would you sign the hardcoverversion (has to be real firm, for I've got two little 'we-bash-everything' kids) first? ;-) And I'd buy an iPad-version in the bookstore as well *hinthint*

Sally Harrop 7 jún 2010
I love your work - I'd buy it like a shot. x x x

Cathy Gould 9 jún 2010
I think it's a grand idea! I'd buy one for myself. Children's books are supposed to be a fertile market, and your illustrations are a delight for all ages. Do keep us posted, please!

кода 15 jún 2010
У нас такой еще нет нигде..... ээхх....

Donald Webster 17 jún 2010
Would definitely buy.

hesam 23 jún 2010
hi vlad this one is great i want to buy it but for myself because i have no kid...

Rodrigo Romo Lorenzo 24 jún 2010
Straight to iPad, Vlad! This book looks like it was meant for it. Of course we fans will buy it.

becky 25 jún 2010
im 16 and i would buy this book! aha it looks adorable and all your illustrations look amazing (as usual) !! good luck with everything! you're incredibly talented!

Gisela 29 jún 2010
I will definitely buy this book. But I do hope it has its distribution here in UAE, particularly in Abu Dhabi! I've always been a fan of your works and having this children book is a delight. Continue your great work! =)

Shannon Dobson 4 júl 2010
I'd buy it for my niece and nephew.

Erica 4 júl 2010
I have been watching your site since back in 2004 and have always loved each creation as it was posted. My children have learned to identify pictures from your site and love seeing them. Without a doubt, I would buy a book illustrated in the same manner. Each of the pictures of 'the two' have a certain playfulness and sweetness to them. I hope to see them on sale soon.

Jonatan Ivanov 7 júl 2010
Awesome! I'd like to buy one. :)

13 júl 2010

becky 19 júl 2010
will this be available to buy in canada? i just HAVE to have it :) it looks amazing, i absolutely love your characters and images vlad!

librarian from Croatia 21 júl 2010
I could translate it to Croatian if you need (for free)...

Paul Koziorowski 23 júl 2010
I would buy this book for sure. Can't wait to see it come out. In Polish would be nice as well :-)

NASIRCAN KIRIK 24 júl 2010
I would like to have a this book for my future baby, i'll be glad if it's signed by you, Vlad. Also you can be my guest to translate it to Turkish.

Sarah 31 júl 2010
i'd definitely buy this book! it's nice and the illustrations are fantastic! great job! continue to do more! i really adore your artworks!

Andrew Niakhaichyk 6 august 2010
I'd buy it

Joeann Argue 9 august 2010
I would definitely buy this book - for me as much as for my granddaughter! And speaking as a Canadian, I like the English version above!

Christine 13 august 2010
Lovely Book - really great. I would buy it for sure. Maybe someday you publish this book in german language, that would be great. By the way - I love your site. All the best for you.

NEON TANGO 23 august 2010
Absolutely, yes! Your illustrations remind me of the *best* books of my childhood, books I grieve now that are so difficult to find. I hope you find a publisher muy pronto: I have a niece who is still young enough (four) to be delighted by a new storybook.

Roxy 27 august 2010
I love your pictures. I'd buy it definitely, doesn't matter what the cost was.

Alex Alexandropoulos 30 august 2010
Excellent idea.. Being a fan of your artwork and of childrens' books, I would definitely buy it.

Pam 3 september 2010
I would definitely buy the book. With three grandchildren to read to, this would be a wonder addition to their "library." If someone hasn't already suggested it, you could look into publishing it through Amazon.

Bruce Joubert 9 september 2010
It looks awesome. I would buy it for sure.

Konstantina 9 september 2010
Our first son Leonardo is due at the end of November and I would definitely love to read him the book!! I'll buy it as soon as it is out!

W. Scott Hinds 19 september 2010
I love it and have followed it for some time -- I have an iPad and read "books" regularly with my son on it -- have you explored this as a possible revenue AND source for publication? I may help drive and verify initial interest and lead to future print projects.

pednoi 22 september 2010
look nice and need more detail.

Monika 30 september 2010
I want to buy it! When i can do that??? I dont care it is not in my language and i will have to wait probably few years for that :-D Have you found the publisher? Do you know the date when it could be out for sale? So excited! Love these pictures!! When when when!!!

Moni 20 marec 2011
Will it be released for Android OS?????????

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