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Week of my life - a photo project

{21 október 2009}

This summer, I was invited to participate in an unusual and interesting photo project. My task was simple - to take 9 photos each day (of anything I see around me) for 9 days, kind of photo-diary. I was only one of many participants around the world, and as the result, the Week of Life project gives you the picture of "a usual day" of entire world. Excellent idea!

I am glad my photos have been published, and even became "editor's choice"!

Check out my photos here (click days to browse my photos):

and the project home page is

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Komentáre {18}

Szabolcs Horvát 22 október 2009
The wheel in your car is on the "wrong" side. Do you have left-hand traffic in Irkutks?

Vlad Gerasimov 22 október 2009
Szabolcs Horvát: the traffic is right-handed, like in Europe and most of the world. The trick is - here in Siberia, around 75% of all cars are imported from Japan! (mine is not exception). That is why steering wheel is on the wrong side.

Anna Maria Wallace 22 október 2009
Congratulations, Vlad! I would pick your collection for Editor's choice too, as it is the best balanced representation of a "Week in Life" - not to mention that quality of photos is very good. I hope you will post one or 2 of them sometimes (from around Baikal, preferably- for my "Siberia" folder (LOL!) Now, for Amur - WWF is offering to "adopt" the Amur Leopard, and I am going to sign up for it. Checking it out right after this! Address is:- Knowing of your great love of Nature I am sure you would want to take a look - if you don't know about it already! Congratulations again and best wishes, Anna

23 október 2009
Very nice photographs :-D. Siberia is sure an interesting place by the looks of it.

Joel Solomon 23 október 2009
I feel like I know you much better through your photos, and makes your artwork that much more special. Thanks for sharing!

Tudor Amariei 6 november 2009
Hey, Vlad, will we ever see your face? Ever...

Kai Nissen 6 november 2009
I was expecting a "mirror photo" as well. We only got that slight idea of your look from one of your wallpaper works.

Phil Coates 27 november 2009
I love Japanese cars - and they all have the sterring wheel on the "right" side of the car for me (im in the UK)

Константин 22 október 2009
Смешно про руль на "неправильной" стороне :) Ему надо приехать в Иркутск

Samuel Flores 22 október 2009
Congrats!! I'm a fan of your work!

Babak Rezapoor 22 október 2009
Congrats from Sweden!

Minh Hieu TRINH 22 október 2009
Congratulation ! That week seems a bit rainy for summer :-P

David Watts 22 október 2009
Congratulations on being selected as an Editor's Choice - well done!

Karl Yeurl 22 október 2009
I kinda like the idea of the project. And your photos are really nice too =). Congrats !

Linda, Week of Life 22 október 2009
Vlad, thanks for sharing this and for contributing with your week of life! You helped to get the project going :)

Shelley 23 október 2009
Congratulations form California. I loved it. Your photos showed both the world unique to you and the world we all share.

Nate Dickson 23 október 2009
Wonderful pictures! Your week made me happy and was a great view into a place I may never get to visit.

Tam 13 november 2009
There is a similar project on Livejournal, called A Day in My Life (ADIML) and I've done it 3 times so far...You get to post up to 70 photos... it's lots of fun but a bit frustrating sometimes... Congrats again!!

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