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Wallpaper Clocks for Mac v. 1.1 released

{31 marec 2008}

The great Jacob Bandes-Storch, developer of Wallpaper Clocks app for Mac, have worked hard and released new version of the application with the following new features:

Now if you use more than one display, you can manage clocks separately for each display.

Once again, big thanks to Jacob!

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Komentáre {8}

Paweł Rutkowski 31 marec 2008
Great news! Option to disable clock is very usefull sometimes.

Marco ten Hoff 1 apríl 2008
Very nice!

Shiku-Moto 8 júl 2008
Please help me. How I can hide wallpaper clocks Icon from menu bar, because it's not conform with Leopard style. Thank you and goodluck.

Frederic 23 september 2009
can not install at os x . Just apperar 1 sec at the menubar. It may so crash. tell me how to do

Billy Halsey 31 marec 2008
Definitely love the option to disable the clock. Even though these are "wallpaper clocks," I find them more useful as calendars without the clocks.

Judy 25 máj 2008
I love this site, every bit of it

Vlad Gerasimov 8 júl 2008
Shiku-Moto: the icon cannot be hidden. It must be always visible. Thanks.

zoro 15 september 2009
whay my computer canoot yuse clock

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