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Vladstudio website gets a facelift!

{8 jún 2009}

There have been many little improvements that I wanted to make for Vladstudio website. Finally, I decided to unite them all and release a fresh redesign! And after couple of days of hard work, I am proud to publish the redesigned website. There are many little changes here and there - hopefully you will like them as much as I do. If anything looks or works wrong for your, please use contact form to let me know.

← New version of Vladstudio Companion for Mac OS X Vladstudio art at redesigned PHPBB site! →

Komentáre {7}

Lukasin 8 jún 2009

A1Elements 8 jún 2009
It's so cool, specially the icons in middle of each line. I like that 3 feet funny think. You can change them periodicity to have little updates on the website every time.

A1Elements 9 jún 2009
Wow, great. I didn't realize it in my first visit, ;-)

Glimpse 8 jún 2009
Very nice work!

Eduardo Molteni 8 jún 2009
Very nice. It is very "you".

Vlad Gerasimov 9 jún 2009
A1Elements: actually, these separators are rotated in random order! If you refresh any page, you will notice separator images changes. There are 10 total so far, but I'll probably add more :-)

ejly 9 jún 2009
nice job!

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