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Vladstudio T-shirts!

{12 jún 2008}

Now you can buy t-shirts with some of my artworks! T-shirts are sold by Zazzle, the same company that sells my posters. Right now, only most recent wallpapers are available as t-shirts, I will work hard on making more t-shirts. When you open wallpaper page, look for BUY T-SHIRT button below the wallpaper image.

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Komentáre {11}

A1Elements 12 jún 2008
Wow, it's good idea, your wallpapers are awesome, the T-shirts can be so beautiful with your artworks!!!

Journeyer 13 jún 2008
Can you get a shirt with just the Vladstudio logo + maybe a small something else? I would buy that! :)

Michele Balistreri 20 jún 2008
Really cool!

George 16 júl 2008
Good idea, I'll look for ward to them!

= ) 3 september 2008
that's cool

Blaze 15 október 2008
Where do u get them?

Jan Blazicek 13 jún 2008
I am really looking forward to see some of your "the two" images on shirts, I tend to dislike most stuff that is too contrasty and colorful against background color of the t-shirt, but I am really looking forward to buy some of these. Great idea.

pfennig59 13 jún 2008
Journeyer, I like your idea. Maybe with a few different small something elses, depending on the shirt color.

danny vertonghen 21 jún 2008
Cool......i will buy one two tree........

hudn 21 júl 2008

Lucy 17 september 2008
Wow, the dolphin wallpaper is outstanding! Thank you very much for the opportunity to see your great artwork.

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