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{27 jún 2009}

Teresa Marques from Portugal has a blog called 'Teresa Marques' where she writes poems inspired by my artworks:
I'm very touched :-) Thanks!

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pfennig59 28 jún 2009
Unfortunately, I don't understand Portuguese, but the idea is so lovely, as is your artwork.

Teresa Marques 28 jún 2009
Oh my..... Waking up on a Sunday and discover this.......... Speechless................... (and I'm a girl that talks and talks and writes a lot :) :) ) Thank you for your inspiring work! And thank you all for your words...

pfennig59 29 jún 2009
All the best with your book, Teresa :)

Yekeje 29 jún 2009
I know that it wont be the same as reading an exact translation or understanding them in Portuguese but you can use "Google translate" to get an idea of what the poems say in general and I must say, I am deeply moved by both the images and the poems. Thank you both for your beautiful work.

Richard 28 jún 2009
That is so cool. My mother is born and raised in Portugal, and I go every year to my home away from home. Such a beautiful language and so are Teresa's poems.

pfennig59 28 jún 2009
And thank you, Teresa, for this great idea. If it ever happens that you don't know what else to do ;) could you try to translate them to English? Doesn't have to rhyme :)

Teresa Marques 28 jún 2009
:) Hummmm .... good idea, pfnnig59! The fact is that I'm writing a book this moment (to publish in paper, I have some more published) which is going to bo bilingual:portuguese and english... :) Title? Mão-cheia de mãos (Handfull of hands). :)

Teresa Marques 29 jún 2009
I really have to find someone to try to make a poetic translation that preserves all the meaning and uses the richness of english words... I'm touched with your attention and your comments. Thank you! :)

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