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Only today: 3-month registration for free!

{10 január 2008}

If you ever liked Vladstudio artworks and thought of purchasing registration, today (Jan 10) is good time to get one for free!

UPDATE: Birthday is over, and so is the offer! Welcome 780 new registered users :-)

← [!] Your suggestions for Vladstudio site? KDE 4.0 released today - with my wallpaper as default! →

Komentáre {34}

luka 10 január 2008
Thanks! Happy Birthday!

chinablue 10 január 2008
i am a big fan of you. Happy birthday!!!

berushka 10 január 2008
Thank you for your offer, I really like your work :) Happy birthday!

dt 10 január 2008
happy birthday! thanks so much! have been using ur wallpaper for some time they're really nice

vasya pupkin 11 január 2008
And my birthday was yesterday! :) Great website!

mikko mehtonen 11 január 2008
Happy Birthday to You!!! this is so fantastic..

Breaker 11 január 2008
Happy birthday..thank you for the wonderful surprise..I am definitely going to register again once the 3 months pass...

djudi 11 január 2008
Wow! Cool! Happy Birthday again!

Brenda 11 január 2008
Beautiful work! Thanks and Happy Birthday!

Lorena 11 január 2008
I wish you to have the best birthday ever!! Thank you very much for the free registration, it's very nice of you. Keep making those amazing wallpapers, you have lots of skills in producing beautiful artwork :D. Happy B-day to you, happy b-day to you, happy b-day dear Vlad, happy b-day to you!! (good it's only written haha...) Greetings from Mexico!

Roman 11 január 2008
man, thank you very much for this excellent gift i appreciate your work and, off course, haaappy birthday

Statsenko 11 január 2008
Being the fan for so long I am grateful for taking the chance to be among the lucky! Happy Birthday 2 U on and on!

Ena 13 január 2008
dang, I missed it :( I'll just wait till next year :D

aleksandar 14 január 2008
RSS item was late 3 days :(

Matthew Thomas 14 január 2008
Happy Birthday and Thank You!

fengshaun 16 január 2008
THANKS and happy and merry birthday! (I know I'm late)

guillaume hammadi 21 január 2008
That was a very nice surprise... Happy birthday and thanks a lot.

Y 25 január 2008

Jess 10 január 2008
Thats fantastic Vlad and Happy Birthday!!! Huge fan and will def be re-registering once the 3 months is up!

TSiRKO 10 január 2008
Happy Birthday! I thought we should give you gifts! But yours is truly awesome! Thank you!

Troy Simon 11 január 2008
I am a big fan... Thanks for giving us a birthday present...

lisa 11 január 2008
Thanks so much for the gift! It's my bday tomorrow!

Mihai 11 január 2008
Thanks VLAD and Happy Birthday !!! Keep up the good work. CHeers

Baptman 11 január 2008
Happy birthday to you! Keep going on that way, you a doing an amazing work!! And thank you for this offer!

Edward Lang 11 január 2008
Amazing! Thanks Vlad, happy birthday! :D

Mani 11 január 2008
Hi Happy birthday 10 of Jan is my birthday too!! 10 jan 1982 hope best wishes for you!

Dennis 11 január 2008
Happy Birthday Vlad!

Anton 11 január 2008
Happy Birthday, Vlad!

Isaac 11 január 2008
Happy birthday Vlad! I love your work!

Zoomba 11 január 2008
Excellent deal! I've been eyeballing these wallpapers for ages now. Happy birthday!

noya 11 január 2008
Happy birthday and thank you!

Vlad Gerasimov 12 január 2008
Hey, many thanks to everyone for your warm words! The birthday is over, and so is the offer. Welcome 780 new registered users :-)

Michele from USA 13 január 2008

c 18 január 2008
happy belated birthday. thanks for sharing your gifts with us every day of the year. you are an incredible talent.

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