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News from Vladstudio: high-quality images with signature; Mother Day wallpaper and discount

{3 máj 2009}

After long days of resizing and saving, I added a new frequently requested feature. Now registered users can choose if they prefer to have high-quality images with or without Vladstudio signature. You can set this preference from Your Account page, as well as from each wallpaper page (click Turn Vladstudio signature on or off).

Also, if you're considering purchasing lifetime registration, there is $10 discount until May 10, to celebrate Mother Day! Check out the discount here:

The all-new wallpaper about Mother Day is here:


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Komentáre {3}

Tammy Gross 4 máj 2009
Thank you! I hope you don't mind that I blogged about this post, I've been enjoying your email newsletter for a while and regretted not getting the lifetime registration last time you offered a discount. Thanks so much for all the beautiful work that you do and the tutorials.

MikeT. 28 máj 2009
This is really cool! I will be re-downloading with the signature on! Thanks!

betsey 8 máj 2009
After all this time of searching for things with your signature--I can't believe that people want wallpaper without it. Anyway--I cannot believe the sheer amount of product(?) you put out in such a short time. As usual--Thank you, Thank you, THANK YOU.

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